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5 Signs You Need to Get 3PL Providers For Order Fulfillment

Managing order is one of the most important tasks you have to do to keep your business developing. You never want your customers to churn just because you are unable to fulfill their orders timely. However, order fulfillment has to face delays and other problems especially when you are trying to scale your business.

You don’t have the whole day to spend on order fulfillment only. You have to focus on other matters as well to keep your business running smoothly.

Outsourcing the order fulfillment process can be the right choice in such cases. 3PL fulfillment can help you with seamless order fulfillment. However, the main concern is when you need to hire 3PL providers to handle your orders. Let’s try to figure out the answer to this question.

Hints Your Business Needs 3PL Fulfillment

The best way to find out why or when you need to hire 3rd party logistics to handle your company’s order is to explore the signs that indicate the need for 3PL fulfillment for your business or organization. Let’s have a look at these signs.

1. Distractions

The first and most obvious sign is distractions. Managing or fulfilling orders on your own result in a lot of distractions. You may not feel these distractions at the start.

However, when you are trying to scale your business, you will observe how distractive the order fulfillment is. Instead of focusing on new strategies, you will have to put all your concentration on timely delivering orders.

If you observe, the distractions due to order fulfillment are uncontrollable and hindering you from growing your business further, then you need to opt for 3PL providers. It will eliminate these distractions and provide you with enough time to focus on the strategies to grow your business.

2. Low Storage Space

To manage orders, you must have a warehouse where you can store products and deliver them as per customers’ demand. When you start your business, you feel the space you have allocated for the warehouse is very vast. However, as you grow your business, the space starts running short because you have to stock more products to fulfill orders timely.

If you observe the storage space you have is running short, then 3PL fulfillment is your option to deal with this situation. You just need to find reliable 3rd party logistics. They can even provide you with their warehouse where you can stock and track your inventory. It also helps the 3PL providers to deliver orders timely.

3. Errors

You have to try hard to manage the orders and deliver them without any delays. However, when the burden of orders increases, you start making errors. Your intentions divert and you cannot pay attention to any task properly. These mistakes can result in losing customers as well.

If you too are making a lot of errors in the order fulfillment process and struggling hard to avoid them, then 3pl fulfillment is the right option for you. A highly experienced team will handle all your orders with almost zero chances of errors.

4. High Costs

Most business owners stick with the manual or traditional order fulfillment system because they think it’s cost-effective. However, the cost increases over time. You will have to pay more for shipping and delivery. Similarly, you have to pay more to your employees working to fulfill orders.

All these things make order management and fulfillment very expensive. If you observe that the cost of 3PL fulfillment is lower than manual handling, then it’s the right time to outsource the whole process.

5. Struggling to Satisfy Customers

Manual order management or fulfillment can result in delayed delivery and mistakes. These things are enough to make your customers unsatisfied. What will they do in return? They simply churn and look for some other company to buy products.

If you observe your customers are not satisfied with your order fulfillment process then you simply need to leave the matter to experts. 3PL providers can handle this situation comfortably.

Bottom Line

If you observe any of the aforementioned signs, it means the time to outsource the order fulfillment is there. You must look for reliable 3PL providers and hire their services to fulfill your orders.

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