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Best Chrome Extensions For SEO To Improve Work Efficiency

If you are a digital marketing professional, then Google Chrome SEO extensions are beneficial for you. Now, the question arises of how these extensions are going to help you in your field. Well, you will get all these answers in the upcoming section.

Presently, many professional SEO service providers rely on digital marketing tools to improve their services. In this aspect, the SEO extensions for chrome have proved to be very helpful.

As a digital marketing professional, whether you are looking for new keywords or focusing on improving your writing style, the best SEO Chrome extensions discussed in the below section will surely make your work easy.

Along with that, these tools also help you to stay updated and apply best practices in digital marketing and SEO.

To significantly boost your productivity and efficiency within your browser, consider these great options as Chrome extensions.

Chrome Extensions For SEO


Among the different Google chrome extensions for SEO, Word Tune is known to be a popular one. This tool makes use of AI technology for assessing your work. Also, it helps you to create a more compelling and more explicit writing style.

According to Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, fully AI-generated content is considered spam. But, a digital marketer can make use of an AI tool for effectively refining their writing style.

Some of the benefits that you will get with a free version of Word Tune are:

  • Rewrites
  • Suggestions

But, with a premium version, you will get several additional features as well like:

  • Smart Paste
  • Length Controllers
  • Tone Controllers
  • Word Finder

Depending on your requirement, you can choose the free or premium version of this Google Chrome extension.

Headline Studio By CoSchedule

If you are looking for entirely free SEO extensions for Chrome, Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a great option. This extension is designed in such a manner so that digital marketers can easily optimize their headlines to increase traffic.

Also, this particular tool uses a large amount of data to analyze headlines and suggest better phrases and words. In turn, this tends to boost the SEO of your website.

You will also analyze whether your headlines are underperforming or outperforming when compared to the headlines of competitors.

So, the Headline Studio is a perfect option for marketers looking forward to improving their header writing skills. It helps them consistently produce intriguing and high-quality headlines, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.


It is the most popular extension which marks its presence in this list. Over 10 million users currently trust Grammarly. If you are a marketing writer and are looking forward to fine-tuning your writing skills, then Grammarly, no doubt, is the perfect tool for you.

It contributes to providing a professional touch to your write-ups. This extension will make sure that your social media posts, documents and messages are impactful, error-free, and precise.

As a digital marketer, whether your focus is on new business, content marketing or corporate communications, this tool has almost everything to solve your diversifying needs.

This extension will correct your grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and other issues. You can either choose a free or premium version depending on your needs.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Looking for practical and free chrome extensions for SEO? Well, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is something which you should never miss. With this tool, even a beginner who does not know SEO can optimize their content for search engines like a pro.

This extension includes explicit information about a page’s:

  • Social tags
  • Word count
  • Subheaders and headers
  • Crawlability
  • Canonical URL
  • Description and title

So, a digital marketer can use this tool for collecting data about the top-ranking search results.

Not only beginners but even experts can use this tool to speed up their SEO-related changes and edits.

As the best SEO consultant, this tool is something that you should never miss.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords play a vital role in ranking your content. So, keyword research is a big part of SEO.

You would be able to effectively speed up your keyword research process with the help of this Keywords Everywhere tool.

This particular tool also offers on-page:

  • Trend analysis
  • Competitor information
  • CPC or Cost-per-click information for keywords
  • Search volume analysis

Depending on your needs, you can either choose the free or paid version of the tool.

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Final Verdict

The list of the Google Chrome SEO extensions for digital marketing and SEO is very long. In this article, we have only talked about a few of them.

I am sure you will love to try these tools if you haven’t tried yet.

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