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Hans Snook Net Worth (2023)| Hans Founder of Orange

In today’s article, we shall look into the British businessman Mr. Hans Snook. Hans Snook is what people call him but his real name or full name is Hans Roger Snook.

Even though Hans is a British businessman, he was born and bought up in British Columbia, Canada. He attended one of the public research universities in Canada named University of British Columbia.

Hans Roger Snook is born on 26th May 1948 and as of 2023, Mr. Hans is 73 years old. Hans Snook’s parents were from different countries as his father was from UK and his mother was from Germany.

Keep reading this article as we discuss more about Hans Snook net worth and his business.

Hans Snook Net worth (2023) and Business Life

After completing his university education, Hans Snook started working in hotel management. So Hans move from Vancouver to Calgary and worked there for almost 6 years.

He then started traveling around the world, working in different positions and it was 1992 when he moved united kingdom where Mr. Hans worked hard to establish UK’s 4th mobile phone network.

And Hans Snook’s hard work had paid off as he started mobile phone network named Orange in the year 1994. To his luck and hustle, Orange quickly got noticed and even gained an international presence soon after its years of launch.

When Orange launched, the industry standard was to charge customers for incoming calls. But Hans Snook thought this was unfair, and he decided to offer free incoming calls. It was a bold move, but it paid off. Customers loved it, and Orange quickly gained a reputation as a customer-friendly company.

But in 1999, a German conglomerate company named Mannesmann acquired Orange and in 2001 Hans Snook stepped down from the advisory board of Orange.

Hans Snook was the CEO of orange for almost 5 years and when Mannesmann acquired it in 1999 for £19.8bn, Mr Hans had received a good bonus amount of £45m.

Apart from Starting Orange, Hans Snook had held high level in some of the top companies such as Carphone Warehouse, Monstermob and Diagnostic Clinic Ltd.

And about Hans snook net worth, we can say it is at least $50M USD as of 2023.

The grown up people during the year 1990s would remember the famous tagline of orange i.e “The future’s bright, the future’s orange”.

Below video shows some of the Orange’s TV commercials from the 1990s

Hans Snook’s Wife and Family

Hans snook’s first wife was a Chinese woman named Etta Lai Yee Lau whom he married in the year 1979 and they were living happily together for almost 22 years.

Hans Snook broke up with his first wife in the year 2000 and after that, he met an Orange employee named Helen Seward. Helen Seward and Hans Snook got well with each other and they decided to get married so Helen Seward is the second wife of Hans Snook.

Helen Seward was 35 years old when she got married to Hans Snook. Apart from that, there isn’t much info available on Hans Snook’s family, about his daughter or kids.

Thoughts on Hans Snook

Hans Snook has been brilliant in setting up the Orange telecom company. The company got its attention with its creative commercials and its success made the German company buy it for a huge amount.

What are your thoughts on Hans Snook and his business story? Let us know!


How much is hans snook worth?

Hans Snook is worth more than $50M

Who is hans snook married to?

Hans Snook is married to his wife Helen Seward.

How old is hans Roger snook’s wife?

As of 2023, Hans Snook’s wife’s age can be around 53 to 55 years.

What is the name of hans snook first wife?

Hans Snook’s first wife name was Etta Lai Yee Lau.

Does hans snook have children?

Hans Snook hasn’t shared any information about his kids and what they do.

How much did hans snook sell orange for?

According to The Guardian, Hans Snook sold his company Orange for £19.8 Billion

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