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Slow Skimming Strategy in Marketing | Why and When to use?

Have you ever heard of the slow skimming strategy in marketing? It’s a unique approach that involves launching a product at a high price and with a low promotional level. 

In this article, I will dive deep into the ins and outs of this strategy and explore why it can be an effective way to make a big impact with your product launch.

What is Slow Skimming Strategy?

Slow skimming is a pricing strategy that involves launching a product at a high price and with minimal promotional efforts. 

The idea behind this approach is that by charging a premium price, you’ll attract early adopters who are willing to pay a premium for a new and innovative product.

Once the early adopters have adopted the product, the price can be gradually lowered to attract a wider range of customers. 

This approach is also known as “skimming the cream off the top” as it allows a company to maximize its profits from the early adopters before the price is lowered to appeal to a broader market.

Why Use Slow Skimming Strategy?

There are several reasons why a company might choose to use a slow skimming strategy. Some of the key benefits include:

Maximizing profits

Companies may make the most money off of the early adopters who are ready to pay a premium by setting a high price for their product.

Establishing brand reputation

Launching a product at a high price can help establish a sense of exclusivity and luxury around the brand, which can help build a strong reputation and attract high-end customers.

Reduced promotional costs

Businesses may save money and use those funds toward other elements of the company’s operations if they launch with limited advertising.

High-quality product validation

Launching at a high price and minimal promotion can help to validate the product is of high quality as the early adopters are willing to pay more for the product.

When to Use Slow Skimming Strategy?

Some examples of products that might be well-suited to this approach include:

Luxury goods

Designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and high-end automobiles all cater to customers with deep pockets who value uniqueness and status symbolism.

High-tech gadgets

New and innovative technology products like smartphones, laptops, and virtual reality headsets can also be well-suited to a slow skimming strategy.

Specialized services

Personal training, coaching, and consulting are all examples of services that might benefit from a slow skimming approach, since early adopters are frequently ready to pay more for specific expertise.

Final Thoughts on Slow Skimming Strategy!

Hope you got the idea of a slow skimming strategy in marketing. My personal opinion is that it may not a very good strategy because in this era you need a lot of promotional activities to make your product stand out because you know the competition is such!

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