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Social Media Marketing Design Advice for eCommerce Business

Social media is an important marketing tool these days and its importance can be understood by the fact that a study has suggested that almost 30 percent of users of social media bought something online.

Social can not only be used to just post content b but it is a powerful marketing tool that can convert followers into customers.

The masses that use social media are the reason why these platforms are important for marketing. Not only that, they have incorporated it into their daily lives that they spend almost 2 hours per day on average.

Let’s look at some of the strategies that will help the eCommerce business boost and grow.

  • Promotional offers
  • Investing in social media marketing
  • Create a video strategy for YouTube
  • Showcase social proof
  • Power of instant messaging
  • Leverage the power of data
  • Embrace emerging platforms
  • Be consistent

Promotional Offers

Using promotional offers is the best practice for any eCommerce business. These promotional offers could be shared on social media to gain a new customer. Giving offers like discounts on a new registration would be the perfect way to attract new customers.

To avail of the discount, they will surely make an account and buy something that will increase the sales. This will also provide an insight about what the likes and dislikes of the customer.

Investing In Social Media Marketing

It is found that 89 percent of marketers use platforms like Facebook for marketing. To increase the reach and engagement, marketers believe it is an important strategy, it is important to keep in mind that the audience that is to be targeted should resonate with the business.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer advertising options and offers dynamic product ads. This feature will promote the products to the audience who is interested in the products. Pinterest Carousel ads can also help in this regard.

Create A Video Strategy for YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform and is the third most visited website in the world. Videos could be made for brand awareness that can get a lot of views.

This would be your content marketing approach. This will make your brand more visible because the audience present on YouTube is very large.

Nowadays there are many influencers present on YouTube, who are experts at making effective videos that change the follower to buyers. It would be beneficial to collaborate with them and get a video made about the products.

Showcase Social Proof

Reviews play a very important role in gaining the trust of the customer. It is estimated that people trust the reviews more when they read them on social media platforms rather than hearing from a friend or family.

Many experts can also be contacted to come live and promote the product or service from the official account which will help in driving sales.

Power of Instant Messaging

Facebook messenger can be used for instant messaging because it has almost 1.3 billion users. By including it on the website, many aspects like pricing, updates can be shown.

Customers will feel easy to interact with the brand at5 a fast pace. This will also provide a personalized experience to the customer. Moreover, it will help in generating leads.

Leverage the Power of Data

There is no doubt that social media platforms possess huge data which can be used to determine new ways to expand the business.

Facebook Insights, Youtuber Analytics are the tools that help in understanding the psychology of the customers. They reflect the thought process and buying behavior of the customer that helps in monitoring paid advertising campaigns.

Data can be used even before launching a campaign to get an idea about what products are the most preferred at when are the buyers interested in buying.

All these important facts and stats can be gathered to target the audience before even launching a product. Real-time data can be used to, make strategic decisions.

Embrace Emerging Platforms

Reaching the right audience at the right time is very important. Companies today try to reach the audience by using the new platforms.

Nowadays WhatsApp is being used as the platform for social commerce because of UPI payments and in-app shopping. Many eCommerce businesses are now taking orders via WhatsApp.

Instagram now has the option of offering shoppable posts and IGTV videos that boost the shopping rate. People on Pinterest are also considered potential customers because 39 percent of pinners are regarded as active retail shoppers.

It offers features like SHOP the look to make the users discover the options and buy something or the other.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to achieving anything in life and the same goes for eCommerce businesses present online. Making a posting schedule will help a lot in this regard.

Following the rule of one-third will be extremely beneficial. One-third promotion, one-third interacting and one-third sharing will bring advantages.

Consistency in terms of posting content on social media is a must in building brand awareness and effectiveness.           


Marketing is an important aspect of any business and social media can be used to bring a smoother experience to the customer.

For this promoting offer is very important and new users will get attracted easily. Targeting the appropriate audience is very impotrtant5 to make the business work.

Using YouTube is very important as it is the third-largest platform and many influencers can be contacted for collaboration.

Instant messaging apps like Facebook messenger help in providing ease to the customer when they want to contact you.

Many platforms that didn’t have advertisement options are now including its which can be used to target the audience. Also, data analysis tools can be used to know the behavior of the customers before launching the product.

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