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WellSaid Labs Review (2023) | Father of All Other AI Voice Tools?

There are a lot of realistic or human like AI voice tools these days such as Murf AI for example but when I listened to the AI voices of WellSaid Labs my mind was totally blown away like a feather in a hurricane!

I used to think Murf AI was the bee’s knees, but WellSaid Labs took things to a whole new level. Their AI voices are so realistic, I’m pretty sure I could have a conversation with them and forget I’m talking to a machine.

To be honest, I was surprised that WellSaid Labs is underrated and not on the talk like other AI voice tools.

But anyways, stick around till the very end as I’m going to give a complete review of WellSaid Labs and even treat your ears with some of the AI voices of WellSaid Labs that I found super fantastic! And of course, I will discuss the drawbacks of WellSaid Labs as well!

Further, I will let you know how you can actually download WellSaid Labs Ai voices for free!

WellSaid Labs Review (2023), Account Creation, Pricing, Features!

Creating WellSaid Labs Account

Creating an account with WellSaid Labs is like trying to get into an exclusive nightclub. They’re super strict about who they let in. Because if you are thinking to create a WellSaid Labs account with the below mentioned options then you are out of luck!

🔸 Gmail Sign Up

🔸 Email Sign Up

🔸 Temporary Email Sign Up

In fact, there isn’t any other way to sign up for WellSaid Labs other than using your work email. So, you can only sign up to WellSaid Labs with a domain email address.

If you don’t have a domain email address then there is no way you can enter into WellSaid Labs.

That being well said, let’s check out the account creation process. First, visit the homepage of WellSaid Labs and then on the top right corner click on Try for free button.

Now, provide all the below details to WellSaid Labs for setting up your account. Phone number and company name are optional and you can skip them. Once you have entered all the details click on create account.

Next up you need to verify the work email you entered by clicking on the verification email sent to your domain email.

Once you are verified, click on the free trial option, agree to their terms and then you are all set to use WellSaid Labs VIP AI voice platform for free for a limited time.

Even to use WellSaid Labs free trial you need to enter your domain email. So they are quite strict about this.

What You Can Do With WellSaid Labs Free Trial?

There is no free version in WellSaid Labs but only a free trial that lasts for just a week. Further, in the free trial you only get to 50 retakes. So WellSaid Labs don’t offer many features in the free trial at all. They are picky here as well.

But with the free trial of WellSaid Labs you get access to all of their AI voices and can try out every other premium feature for absolutely free for 7 days.

Features of WellSaid Labs

Change pronunciations

Just like Murf AI, you can easily change the pronunciation of any word by giving the phonetic spelling of the word and you’ll have your word being read by the AI voice just the way you want!

Combine Different Clips

You can combine clips generated by WellSaid Labs directly from their studio using their combiner option. So, no need to use any other editing tool to combine the voices.

Audio Rendering Options

With WellSaid Labs, you can render the audio with 3 different options and that includes:

🔸 Single Take

🔸 Render by Paragraph

🔸 Render by Sentence

WellSaid Labs just allows 1000 characters at a time for a one clip audio, so I’ve always used the single take option instead of render by paragraph or sentence.

Note: You need to enter 2 line breaks for using the render by paragraph or render by sentence option.

High Quality Voices

Sure, WellSaid Labs might not have a ton of features or complicated bells and whistles, but who needs them when you’ve got voices this good?

The one stand-out feature of this AI voice tool is its super high quality AI voices (at least in my opinion). Some of the AI voices sound absolutely majestic or magical! 

There are 53 AI voices in WellSaid Labs as of now and of course, not all of them will blow your mind but you don’t necessarily need all AI voices to sound super crazy because obviously you are gonna choose 2 or 3 and stick to it.

Apart from these features, there isn’t really any other feature on WellSaid Labs that I can talk about, unlike Murf AI. But seriously, who needs complex features when you are just looking for mind blowing AI voice? It’s like they say, quality over quantity, baby.

WellSaid Labs Pricing

I would put WellSaid Labs on the top of the list for being the most expensive AI voice tool. And I get it why they are expensive and that’s because they are selling their AI voice quality and that’s their selling point.

Maker Plan

Even WellSaid Labs starting plan (Maker) costs $49 per month and in my opinion, that’s surely expensive. Any beginners looking for an affordable AI voice plan with great voice will find this real expensive.

The maker plan comes with 24 AI voice avatars and not all AI voices which is again pretty disappointing. 

Creative Plan

Next up, we have the creative plan priced at $99 per month. This plan from WellSaid Labs is the most popular plan because it includes all 53 AI voices. I love this plan because one of the favorite AI voice by WellSaid Labs is included in this plan.

Anyways, it’s expensive and go for it if you really want it or else my recommendation is to stick to the maker plan or go with Murf AI for an affordable price.

Producer Plan

The producer plan of WellSaid Labs includes everything that is included in the creative plan and includes 2.5K downloads and unlimited projects.

If you are full time job revolves around AI voices then this is the one to go after and it costs $199 per month!!

And all the WellSaid plans include unlimited retakes!

WellSaid Labs Review on G2

On G2, WellSaid Labs has managed to get 4.6 star rating out of 5 based on the 49 reviews received so far.

WellSaid Labs Review on Capterra

Capterra users have spoken, and they’re loving WellSaid with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. 

WellSaid Labs Review on Trustpilot

It looks like Trustpilot users are disappointed with the service provided by WellSaid Labs as 86% of the people have given 1 star rating and the overall rating is only 2.6. But there are only 7 reviews though.

Users seem to be not okay with the transparency provided by Wellsaislabs as most of the 1 star reviews were with respect to the AI avatars of $49 plan. 

Users had no idea what all AI Voice avatars they are going to get with the $49 plan. 

When you are on free trial, you can see that WellSaid Labs have clearly mentioned which AI avatars are on marker plan and which ones are in the pro plan. So check that before going for it blindly! 

My Personal Review of WellSaid Labs

My personal rating on WellSaid Labs is 4.2 out of 5 and that’s solely because of the quality of some of the AI voices. 

One thing I’m disappointed with WellSaid Labs is that they should have given a free version like Murf AI instead of just a free trial for 7 days and the retake you get on a free trial is just 50! Not cool!

Also, the price is very expensive and it’s almost double of Murf AI plans. I would have given 0.3 more ratings if the price was kept competitive with Murf AI. 

Tip: By clicking on the delete option of the audio you generated, your clip credit will be restored!

WellSaid Labs Vs Murf AI

Now there are quite a lot of differences between WellSaid Labs and Murf AI. Let’s check out some of the main differences.

Quality of AI Voice

Even though Murf AI voices are very realistic and offer 120+ voices, I would still vote WellSaid Labs on this as they have done an incredible job with the quality. (of course, my personal opinion)


After quality, the second main comparison between Murf AI and WellSaid Labs is the pricing because a lot of people on a budget will look for how much it costs before making a purchase decision. 

Murf AI plan starts at $29 per month and WellSaid Labs plan starts at $49 per month. Nearly double!

Login Options

With Murf AI, you can sign up with Google, FB, email, or even a temporary email whereas WellSaid Labs allow you to login only with a domain email. So if you don’t have a domain email or work specific email then you can’t even try the free trial of WellSaid labs.

AI Voice Languages

WellSaid Labs only have English AI voice but in the case of Murf AI you can get your AI voice in 20 different language options.

No Embed Options

Murf AI is really suited for YouTubers as you can add your YT video to the timeline, and add background music and it is partnered with pexels for stock media. In WellSaid Labs there isn’t any such feature to embed other media and all you can do is create the AI voice and then download it!

No Script Import Option

With WellSaid labs, you cannot import the script using the text file but in case of Murf AI, you can easily import the script from your laptop.

Character Limit

You can upload upto 15K words on Murf AI at a time but on WellSaid Labs you are only allowed to add 1000 characters at a time but fortunately, they have this combiner option so it’s no big deal to be honest.

There are various other features such as voice changer, Pitch and speed customization, etc that Murf AI offers and is not available on WellSaid labs!

In my opinion, out of all these differences, the main difference between Murf AI and WellSaid Labs is with respect to AI voice quality and pricing.

My Favorite WellSaid Labs AI Voices

Below are my favorite AI voices of WellSaid labs. Starting with the most favorite ones and ending with the least favorite ones. So, have a listen to the below voices and let me know in the comments which one you like.

Tobin A

Wade C

Alana B

Alan T

Marcus G

Ava M

Joe F

Jude D

Jeremy G

Philip G

Sofia H

James B

WellSaid Labs Tips For Creating Better voice

Add commas to better the sentences

Add quotation marks (“ “ ) to specific words to emphasize those words.

Add …. To pause between the sentences so that the voice sounds more natural.

How to Download WellSaid Labs AI Voices for Free?

If you want to use any of the WellSaid Labs AI voice for a one time project there is really no need to buy their expensive plans. I will show you a very easy way to download the WellSaid Labs AI voices without even opting for their premium plans!

First, input your text and then generate the AI voice of your choice. After that click control + Shift + I on your browser. Upon then, devtools will open.

After that, click on Network and then the media option. Now click on the play button of your AI voice and your mp3 media will be shown on the developers’ tab just as shown below:

Now right click on that media present on the devtools and open it in the new tab. A new black screen tab will open where you see the option to download the audio. Thats it!

So. use the above method to download any premium voice of WellSaid Labs for absolutely free of cost. 

WellSaid Labs Alternatives

Murf AI

As previously mentioned, one of the noteworthy WellSaid Labs alternatives is Murf AI, which stands out as a particularly excellent AI tool, particularly if you’re working within a tight budget.

In an earlier section of this article, I compared Murf with WellSaid Labs features, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice it to say that Murf is a top-notch option for cost-conscious users. Here is a complete review of Murf AI, if you want to read.

Eleven Labs

If you’re not satisfied with Well Said Labs, you can try Eleven Labs as an alternative. Eleven Labs offers a free plan with a limit of 10,000 characters per month, and their starter plan costs only $1 for the first month, and $5 per month after that. And not to mention, eleven labs offer their users instant voice cloning as well!

If you’re looking for another alternative to WellSaid Labs, you might want to consider I’ve personally tested and found their AI voices to be quite impressive. offers premium plans starting at $29.25 per month, and they even have a voice cloning option. Additionally, provides a free trial that allows you to test all of their AI voices, including their ultra-realistic AI voices.


One last alternative option that I want to mention is Descript’s Overdub feature. The AI voices doesn’t sound as good as WellSaid labs or I would like to say it’s no way near to WellSaid Labs. But yeah, check it out for yourself and see if you can find anything useful in there.

The below video was made by me using the Tobin AI voice of WellSaid Labs. Have a look:

Final Thoughts!

In my opinion, WellSaid Labs is one of the best AI voice generation tools available in the market at the moment and if you’re serious about using high-quality AI voices for your projects, WellSaid Labs is definitely worth considering.

Anyways, let me know what you like and dislike about WellSaid labs. I have given my very honest review on this underrated AI tool.

FAQs About WellSaid Labs!

Is WellSaid Labs free?

Nope! WellSaid doesn’t even have a free version. They are in fact damn expensive!

Is WellSaid Labs Worth it?

I don’t really know because it’s your decision to take as I have given the in-detail review of WellSaid Labs including its cons. So, do some brainstorming!

What is the best alternative to WellSaid Labs?

In my opinion, the very best and most affordable alternative to WellSaid Labs is Murf AI!

Is WellSaid Labs offering a Lifetime deal?

Nope! WellSaid Labs isn’t offering lifetime deal and if they do I will be the first one to grab that offer!

Is there a discount code on WellSaid Labs pricing plans?

No there isn’t one and all the ones that you see online are invalid and doesn’t work! 

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