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Alli Webb Net Worth (2023) | Dry Bar Founder Net Worth

Alli Webb, hair stylist extraordinaire and entrepreneurial genius, is the mastermind behind Drybar, the salon that has revolutionized the way we think about blowouts.

But let’s rewind for a moment and take a closer look at Webb’s humble beginnings. Alli Webb is born on 20th March 1975 in South Florida, united states and as of 2023, Alli Webb is 46 years old.

Alli Webb is not just an amazing entrepreneur, a wonderful woman, and an author as well. This article will walk you through Alli Webb’s net worth, her inspiration to start Drybar, and more! 

Alli Webb Business Life

Alli Webb is born with curly hair and from a young age, she has always been trying to figure out how to get her hair straight. She used to ask her mom to do the blowout of her hair. 

Alli Webb says that the seed of her entrepreneurial success began during her childhood because of her curly hair which she wanted to get it straight. Little did she know that her love for styling hair would one day lead her to become the queen of the blowout kingdom.

Alli Webb attended Olympic Heights Community High School and she was totally lost and confused about what to do later. 

She then attended the college which is Florida state university for only 1 year and then dropped out of the college because she literally wasn’t interested in anything.

Alli Webb has a brother named Michael Landau who is also the co-founder of the company along with Alli Webb. Michael Landau is currently the executive chairman of Drybar.

When she is was growing up, Alli Webb’s parents used to say that she was the underachiever and her brother Michael was always the overachiever in her family.

Alli Webb grew up in an entrepreneurial environment because both her mom and dad were entrepreneurs and were in the clothing business. Surprisingly even her parents dint go to college! I guess that inspired Alli Webb a bit to drop out of college!

Alli Webb and her brother started working for Nicole Miller which is a premium fashion brand in the NewYork city.

Then both the sister and brother went back to their place i.e Florida and opened up stores for Nicole Miller in Florida, But soon after they ended their business partnership.

Then Alli Webb attended the beauty school which is The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the day she joined there she knew that this is exactly where she was meant to be.

There Alli Webb learned a lot about hairstyling and worked under many top hairstylists.

The beauty school and the curly hair of Alli Webb have turned a fortune for her in getting the idea of this hair styling blowout business!

Alli Webb knew that there has been a gap in the market where people had tuff time availing affordable blowouts. This gap in the market kicked her excitement even more to start a hairstyling business.

With her trusty curling iron and hairdryer in hand, Webb set out to create a salon that would cater to women looking for the perfect blowout without all the fuss and frills of a traditional salon. And thus, Drybar was born.

The Drybar which was founded by Alli Webb, her brother, and her ex-husband Cameron Webb now has its presence on more than 130 locations in the united states with more than 4000 stylists. The first Drybar store was set up in California.

The salon was an instant hit, and it quickly became the go-to spot for a quick and affordable blowout. Within a year, they opened their second location, and by 2013 they opened the 20th location, and by 2020 they have around 100 locations.

The Drybar company is around 40% franchised and the rest of the business is owned by the company itself. Alli Webb says that it was never about money when she started Drybar and she dint even pay herself for years!

As there was no one doing that business at that time, the Drybar business took off like a rocket. 

Expanding the Brand

Drybar’s success didn’t stop with just the salons; Webb and her team expanded the brand by developing a line of hair care products specifically formulated for blowouts. They also opened an online store and developed an app that allows customers to book appointments and purchase products.

In addition to these ventures, Webb has also ventured into other areas of the beauty industry. For example, she launched a line of hairbrushes in collaboration with Tangle Teezer, and she has also released a book on hairstyling called “The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All.”

The quick transformation of your hair is one of the main reasons why it attracted so many women and had quick success.

Today, Drybar is a 100 million dollar business!

Impact on the Beauty Industry

Alli Webb and Drybar have had a significant impact on the beauty industry. The company has been credited with popularizing the blowout as a standalone service, and it has also helped to make hair styling more accessible and affordable for many people.

Drybar’s focus on providing a fun and welcoming environment for customers has also helped to change the perception of hair salons, making them more of a destination for socializing and relaxation as well as grooming.

Alli Webb Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Alli Webb net worth is estimated to be around $110 Million. Drybar is a privately owned company as of now and is not publicly traded and the financials of Drybar isn’t publicly known. So it is quite hard to figure out the exact net worth of Alli Webb.

Drybar had reached $100 million in revenue in 2016 so we believe it has done a lot of progress since then and growing exponentially all around the United States.

Alli Webb Book

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Alli Webb is also an author because she has written a book named “The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All” which is available on Amazon for $17 and has good reviews as well.

Ladies who care so much about their hair might wanna buy this book from Alli Webb as she has shared some good tips and tutorials for perfect hair.

Alli Webb Jewelry Brand

Alli Webb has also partnered with Meredith Quill and set up a jewelry brand known as “becketandquill”. Meredith Quill is a jewelry designer and Alli Webb fell in love with how those pieces of jewelries were made yet very affordable to buy. 

And that sparked Alli Webb to invest in this jewelry business and also she wanted to help other women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Alli Webb is also the confounder of Squeeze and Okay Humans. The money from these businesses also adds to the overall net worth of Alli Webb.

Alli Webb on Shark Tank

Alli Webb had also participated in the shark tank as an investor in the tank. Alli Webb appeared on shark tank in march 2019 of episode 1016 as a guest shark and she had even made an offer to one of the businesses.

Here is a small clip of her appearance from the shark tank.

Alli Webb Personal Life

Compared with business life, Alli Webb’s personal life hasn’t been so good. She had to through the very difficult time of divorcing with her husband Cameron Webb. Alli Webb and Cameron Webb were together for 16 years.

Alli Webb had said it is one of the most difficult times in her life. Cameron Webb and Alli Webb also have 2 teenage boys who are being taken care of by both.

Being an entrepreneur and also being a mom for 2 kids at the same time has been very exhausting for Alli Webb.

Currently, Alli Webb is dating Adrian Koehler who is a life coach training business executives and entrepreneurs. Adrian Koehler is the founder of “Take New Ground”.

Adrian Koehler and Alli Webb both run a podcast together known as “Raising the Bar”. The podcast episodes appear every week and are available on Spotify, Google, and apple podcasts.

Not everybody finds love again after a long married life but Alli Webb is lucky that she find a good person like Adrian Koehler. 

You can follow Alli Webb on Instagram to get check about her business updates and her personal life.

Thoughts About Alli Webb

Alli Webb is a true trailblazer in the beauty industry. With her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative ideas, and her dedication to providing the best possible service to her customers, she has built a hair care empire that continues to grow and evolve.

Alli Webb says that it’s always about sticking with your passion because that excitement that you have about your passion will lead to your success.

Women would know how complicated it is to deal with their hair and understanding just that Drybar has been able to solve their complicated problem. 

Drybar has been very successful and is growing really well. Go ahead let us know what you think about Alli Webb’s Drybar business.

FAQ’s on Alli Webb and Drybar

When was Drybar founded?

Drybar blowout business was founded in the year 2010 in California and it’s been more than 12 years Drybar has been in business and is still doing good in 2023 even after the pandemic that hit the world.

How old is Alli Webb?

Alli Webb, the Drybar owner is 46 years old.

Who is the CEO of Drybar?

Liz Williams is the current CEO of Drybar and she is the first female CEO of Drybar. Before joining Drybar, Liz Williams was the president of the American fast-food company, Yum Brands. Before Liz Williams, Mr. John Heffner served as the CEO of Drybar from 2013 to 2020.

How much is Alli Webb worth?

Alli Webb is worth more than $110 Million and is growing year on year.

How much is a blowout at Drybar?

The blowouts at Drybar stores really depend on the location you are in. It usually costs $49 for a blowout but there are add on as well that will cost you some extra bucks.

What makes Drybar unique?

The 45 minutes of just blowout is the unique thing about Drybar. They don’t provide any other beauty services, which makes Drybar very unique.

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