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Enhance Your Business’s Digital Presence With These B2B Marketing Strategies

We often talk about the importance of digital presence and B2C and B2B marketing strategies for companies. Since COVID-19 and its associated restrictions raided our lives, society and the economy have become increasingly dependent on digital infrastructure and the internet.

Both consumers and companies have in fact had to adapt to commercial relations and remote communication . This transformation has consequently resulted in a greater digitization of society and an increase in the amount of time users spend on the Internet , where various consumer activities have been moved.

In fact, a study conducted by Capterra on online purchases found an increase in the

frequency of Internet purchases during the pandemic“.

In the current situation, before purchasing a product or service, buyers tend to search the Internet using online opinions, specialist blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

For example, according to a recent study published on online reviews , opinions posted on the Internet deeply affect purchasing decisions, as they create a sense of trust among users.

Suffice it to say that 90% of survey participants said they rely on online reviews before making any type of purchase.

Marketing campaigns and digital presence on search engines, social networks and e-commerce platforms are key factors to promote a company’s presence on the web and determine its survival in the context of the current market.

Being competitive and maintaining an excellent digital presence, in fact, does not mean only being active on digital channels. It also means knowing how to attract potential customers when they visit your web page or your product sheets contained in third-party pages, so that your product presents itself as the ideal solution for their business.

This is a fundamental factor both for B2C companies (“Business to Consumer”, that is companies that have commercial relationships with final consumers) and for B2B companies (“Business to Business”, that is companies that have commercial relationships with other companies.

Below are four B2B marketing strategies aimed at promoting your company’s digital presence

4 B2B Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Company’s Digital Presence

There are many strategies for attracting potential customers and converting them into loyal customers. However, there is no single formula, therefore companies will have to act according to their reference market and take advantage of the positioning they already enjoy.

However, certain factors such as correct communication and adequate language are

the common denominator of every basic B2B marketing strategy“.

These strategies are described in a Gartner article (available in English) aimed at companies selling software based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

However, these are useful strategies for any type of company, as the final goal remains the same: to attract potential customers interested in a product or service and, subsequently, to retain them.

Strategy 1: Outline A Clear Value Proposition On Your Website Home Page

1.A clear value proposition must be outlined on the home page of your website, capable of defining the functionality of the product or service in question, as well as the target audience and the characteristics that differentiate it from other proposals available on the market.

2. It will be crucial to create a web page that meets this requirement, as this is the visitor’s first impression of your product or service.

Tips For Optimizing Your Homepage And Promoting Your B2B Marketing Plan

1.A content marketing strategy includes text, images, videos, interactions or any other means that can grab the attention of the user who visits a page. You can use different tools or formats to highlight the salient features of the featured products.

2. Include a primary CTA ( Call to Action ) button on your home page, as well as other secondary CTA buttons elsewhere on the same page. In this way, users will be directed to pages of specific content, allowing you to generate a greater number of potential leads .

3. Provide concrete examples of how your product or service has been able to positively impact the business of other users, such as success stories, positive testimonials, good ratings on trusted platforms, industry recognition and awards.

Strategy 2: Use Existing Product Pages To Highlight User Testimonials And Identify Ideal Buyers

1. You will need to indicate the area of ​​specialization of your product or service, as well as highlight whether it is capable of solving a problem common to several sectors or if it has been designed to solve a specific problem associated with a particular sector.

2. For this purpose, you can use product pages indicating specific use cases for your product or service, as well as the way in which they are able to concretely solve certain problems.

3. This information will allow you to filter visitors who do not meet your requirements and, at the same time, to establish links both with your target audience and with the buyer persona , or the profile of your typical buyer .

4. This will reduce the number of negative reviews posted by buyers who have made the purchase thinking that your product would solve certain issues for which it was not designed.

5. Provide clearly hierarchical information, such as the description of products or services, the characteristics associated with them and, finally, user testimonials.

6. Highlight the positive experiences of users who have seen a marked improvement in their business thanks to the acquisition of your product or service, making sure to always add the corresponding images or videos in the format that best suits your target audience.

Strategy 3: Optimize Landing Pages  To Attract Potential Customers

1. The landing page are generally created web pages for visitors coming directly from e-mail marketing campaigns or from social networks. Therefore, some information relating to a product or service may have already been provided previously.

2. The landing pages allow you to increase conversions with more detailed and relevant content over the information provided in the previous stage. They also offer important support to marketing experts in identifying the specific needs of visitors through special forms, which allow them to qualify potential leads.

3. Create a contact  person buyer to keep in mind to adapt the content of your page. Landing page visitors come from email marketing campaigns, so it’s essential to leverage their initial interest to demonstrate that the product or service in question is capable of meeting their needs.

4. Forms containing visitor information should be short and smooth. If more than five questions are expected, the form should be divided into two or three stages.

Strategy 4: Create Specific Content Targeting Your Buyers For Social Media Marketing

1. A study conducted by Gartner on marketing in social showed that about 46% of shoppers use social networks for the initial stages of the customer experience, i.e., for the creation of lists of products / companies related to the type of product / service of interest.

2. 40% instead use social networks in the intermediate stages to obtain information from user reviews on the product in question and on the corresponding tariff plans.

3. These factors highlight the importance of social networks in any B2B marketing strategy. It is essential to use the channels used by the target audience to generate credibility and, subsequently, trust, as well as present relevant content aimed at specific business needs and able to solve problems immediately.

4. Make sure that your company profiles on social networks (such as descriptions and images) comply with the technical requirements of the platform in question so that they can be displayed correctly on smartphones and PCs.

5. Make an analysis of key performance indicators (KPI, Key Performance Indicator ), such as participation and delivery metrics, demographic data to the public, the reference traffic, and channel-specific metrics. Then analyze all these factors to be able to identify the two or three platforms on which to focus your efforts.

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