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Best LinkedIn Groups for Business and Marketing People to Join in 2022

As you already know, LinkedIn is a professional platform for networking with each other, for searching jobs, to get inspiration, and also to build a good relationship with like-minded people.


There are more than 810 Million LinkedIn Users from all around the globe!

Joining several LinkedIn groups is really essential as an entrepreneur or a marketer. As a business owner or if you are aspiring to become one in the future, it is necessary to understand the success and failures of other business people and to craft your idea.

Here we have come up with 32 such LinkedIn groups for business and marketing in 2022 to watch out. Let’s go through it one by one.

Best LinkedIn Groups For Marketing People

1. Group Name: Digital Marketing

This is one of the best digital marketing groups for digital marketing professionals. It covers all the aspects of the digital marketing landscape from SEO to PPC and everything in between. Join this LinkedIn group, it is really helpful.

Total members: 2M

Link to join:

2. Group Name: Marketing & Communication Network

This group covers topics such as marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, digital marketing, social media, market research, and many more. This is one of the best LinkedIn marketing groups to follow.

Total members: 507K

Link to join:

3. Group Name: Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more

This group also covers overall topics related to digital marketing. It provides high-value content and is open for discussion and networking.

Total members: 1M

Link to join:

4. Group Name: Digital Marketing SEO Search Social Mobile App Data Internet Media Brand CRM PR Jobs

As the name suggests this group covers all areas of marketing communications. Consider checking if you like it you can join. I personally dint like it much though.

Total members: 379K

Link to join:

5. Group Name: Social Media Today

For social media professionals and for people in the field of public relations this is the perfect social media group to join on LinkedIn.

Total members: 277K

Link to join:

6. Group Name: Marketing I Social Media I Business I Digital Media

This group covers business, general marketing, and digital marketing stuff. So every aspect of marketing and business will be discussed here which makes it one of the best marketing groups on LinkedIn.

Total members: 1M

Link to join:

7. Group Name: Social Media Marketing Group by

This is the largest social media marketing group on LinkedIn which is focussed to help businesses by sharing some of the best social media marketing strategies.

Total members: 2M

Link to join:

8. Group Name: Marketing Communication

This group is for marketing communication professionals. Any posts which are relevant to marketing will be posted over here. They don’t accept any promotional content so the posts will be beneficial.

Total members: 1.4M

Link to join:

9. Group Name: Marketing Pros – Largest Marketers Group: Digital Inbound Social Media Content Search Email SEO Jobs

This group is also focused on discussing different areas and best practices of marketing for effectively growing your business.

Total members: 297K

Link to join:

10. Group Name: Social Media & SEO – Digital Marketing Community

This group covers a wide range of topics from local SEO, B2B marketing and advertising, growth hacking, inbound lead generation, etc

Total members: 54K

Link to join:

11. Group Name: Search Engine Watch

This is also one more group related to search engine optimization and search engine marketing providing the latest news on search engines.

Total members: 48K

Link to join:

12. Group Name: SEO Expert

It’s an association for search engine optimizers and marketing professionals to drive business to success. You can share the latest trends and tips with respect to digital marketing and SEO.

Total members: 103K

Link to join:

13. Group Name: Expert SEO Community

This community is only related to SEO (news, jobs, updates, or anything related to SEO). I would say this is one must join LinkedIn group for SEO professionals.

Total members: 48K

Link to join:

14. Group Name: SEO & Link Building

This group is also for SEO professionals and also for beginners, tips and guidelines will be shared on a daily basis.

Total members: 35K

Link to join:

15. Group Name: Internet (Online) Marketing – SEO, SMM, SEM & SMO

This is one more linkedin group for everyone who are interested in online marketing. 

Total members: 36K

Link to join:

16. Group Name: YouTube Marketing Professionals

For people who are mainly considering youtube as a marketing tool, this is the group to join. This group is useful for YouTubers as well.

Total members: 9K

Link to join:

17. Group Name: Content Marketing Institute

For content writers and content marketing professionals, check out this LinkedIn group as they share and discuss all aspects of content marketing.

Total members: 60K

Link to join:

18. Group Name: SOLUTIONators for Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Promotion, and PR Innovation

As the group name suggests, this group as well covers and shares all topics related to marketing and business.

Total members: 864K

Link to join:

19. Group Name: Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals

This group is for social media marketers focussed on the best methods to leverage social media to build an impactful social media strategy. 

Total members: 81K

Link to join:

20. Group Name: Sticky Branding

They are mainly focussed on branding ideas and best practices but may also have topics related to marketing, sales, and communication as well.

Total members: 53K

Link to join:

21. Group Name: Email Marketing Gurus

Well, this group is for professionals who are working in the field of email marketing. Posts will be shared by leading email marketing experts and practitioners.

Total members: 31K

Link to join:

Best LinkedIn Groups For Business Or Entrepreneurs 

22. Group Name: On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs

This is one of the largest startup communities on LinkedIn which talks about small business-related stuff and startup growth strategy. One of the best LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs.

Total members: 884K

Link to join:

23. Group Name: Leadership Think Tank

This group is focused on developing people and their businesses through creative content and community engagement. It will be helpful for entrepreneurs

Total members: 437K

Link to join:

24. Group Name: Future Trends

Connect with people who are in the hunt of trends and future thinkers. Join to know about Forecasting, Future Strategy, and Trend Tracking of business.

Total members: 746K

Link to join:

25. Group Name: Harvard Business Review Discussion Group

Hope you have heard about HBR (Harvard Business Review). They have a website as well. For better management of your business, to be a better leader you can join this group. Great tips are shared on a regular basis which makes it one of the top LinkedIn groups for business to follow in 2022.

Total members: 2.3M

Link to join:

26. Group Name: Band of Entrepreneurs

This group is focused on entrepreneurs for accelerating and the development of entrepreneurial /startup ecosystem. 

Total members: 33K

Link to join:

27. Group Name: Small Business Network by Entrepreneurs HQ: Digital Marketing Coaching Social Media SEO Startup.

This group also covers a holistic view of digital marketing, also concerned with startups, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. One of the best LinkedIn groups for small business owners.

Total members: 236K

Link to join:

28. Group Name:: Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum

This group is solely dedicated to entrepreneurs and small business owners. You won’t find any non-related topics with respect to digital marketing or sales. It is strictly focused on growing and scaling the business. So if you are running a small business then this is the perfect LinkedIn group to join for business-related information.

Total members: 58K

Link to join:

29. Group Name: A STARTUP SPECIALISTS GROUP Online Global Network for Entrepreneurs, Startups

 It is a specialized group for startups and the biggest online network for entrepreneurs. I would suggest everyone to follow this as it one of the top LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs. 

Total members: 808K

Link to join:

30. Group Name: Executive Suite

 They talk and share news about leadership, business and executive career development. It’s worth checking this group.

Total members: 381K

Link to join:

31. Group Name: Entrepreneur’s Network =

 This group tries to make an impactful and meaningful difference for entrepreneurs all across the world. It is a global community network for accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs.

 Total members: 98K

Link to join:

32. Group Name: Entrepreneur Magazine

 Hope you have heard this name before. It is a publication that discusses stories on entrepreneurialism, business management, and business opportunities.

Total members: 104K

Link to join:

Ending Thoughts!

Keeping updated and learning from other people’s failures and success is what makes you achieve greater heights and be successful. So I hope you have found some great and best LinkedIn groups to follow for business and marketing in 2021. If you think I have missed out on any good community, you can mention it in the comments.

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