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Best Quora Spaces To Follow For Business People In 2021

In this era, many people first search in Quora instead of google. So no wonder why quora is so popular because of the ocean of resources it contains. It won’t be a surprise if quora becomes the biggest rivalry of google search in the future.

So with that here is a list of 10 best quora spaces to follow for business people or people aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. Understanding how other successful business people are running their business will help you to get an idea, analyze and establish your business.

10  Best Quora Spaces To Follow For Business

1. Space name:  Startup marketing + growth

This space is everything about startup marketing and growth. They share strategies, tactics and learnings for startups. It can be helpful for your business

Followers: 427K

Link to follow the space:

2. Space name: Startup Founder

Starting a startup is hard so this space will help you with everything with respect to the startup. If you are running a startup I would say this is one of the must-follow Quora spaces for startups.

Followers: 293K

Link to follow the space:

3. Space name: Entrepreneurial Mindset

This is a space where you can think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs from all around the world will be sharing some awesome proven business hacks which makes it a worthy quora space to follow for entrepreneurs.

Followers: 1.5M

Link to follow the space:

4. Space name: Young Entrepreneurs

This space is also all about entrepreneurship, startup stories and whose primary motive is to inspire and transform your minds.

Followers: 46K

Link to follow the space:

5. Space name: Startup Era

This also one more quora space for business. Sometimes there will be irrelevant posts as well, consider checking if you like it you can follow.

Followers: 164K

Link to follow the space:

6. Space name: Entrepreneurship

This space is all about entrepreneur stories and tips for business growth. It’s quite interesting so consider checking this space.

Followers: 210K

Link to follow the space:

7. Space name: Money Business

In this space, the contributors will share posts regarding advice from the millionaire mentors who have expertise in the field of money, business, finance, investing, entrepreneurship, startups, technology, etc. This is one of the best quora spaces for business people to follow.

Followers: 540K

Link to follow the space:

8. Space name: Business Ideas

This is also one of the quora spaces related to business and shares some tips and motivations regarding business.

Followers: 205K

Link to follow the space:

9. Space name: Smart Business

This space is for people who are in business, entrepreneurial stories, investments, career growth, personal development etc

Followers: 850K

Link to follow the space:

10. Space name: Business and Marketing

This space talks about business ideas, small business startups, investment and earning etc

Followers: 73K

Link to follow the space:

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Ending Thoughts

I believe you have got some best quora spaces to follow for business tips, ideas, and for motivation and inspiration. These 10 quora spaces for entrepreneurs are the ones where there are no promotional posts or very less self-promotional posts and there are many other business-related quora spaces as well which are more promotional. These are some of the best ones to go through and follow.

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