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Top Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2021

When it comes to getting breaking news about anything twitter is the one platform that you must be active on. Most business people will first tweet on twitter when updating any new information, instead of sharing it in any other platforms because twitter is mainly for professionals.

And to be honest some professionals just use twitter and aren’t quite active in any other social media platforms.

So now you got a good reason to follow twitter accounts, here is a list of 18 best twitter accounts to follow for digital marketers. This is a list only for digital marketers and not for businesses or entrepreneurs.

18 Best Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts

1. Twitter Name: Neil Patel

How can one not remember Neil Patel when it comes to digital marketing. He is in the top 10 marketers listed by Forbes. He talks about the overall aspects of digital marketing and is more concerned towards SEO. He is one of the top digital marketing influencers on twitter.

Followers: 367K

Link to follow:

2. Twitter Name: Brian Dean

As a digital marketer, you might have heard the name of this guy as well. If not him at least you might be knowing the backlinko website. Yes, he is the founder of Backlinko. He might not be that active on twitter but when he posts something, it will blow your mind with some awesome tactics that you never heard before!

Followers: 105K

Link to follow:

3. Twitter Name:  Google Search Liaison

This account handles the official tweets of Danny Sullivan who is a public liaison of search, which shares information on how to Google search works. Any algorithm updates will be updated here first. So it is one of the must-follow digital marketing twitter accounts.

Followers: 90K

Link to follow:

4. Twitter Name: Search Engine Journal

As an SEO you would have definitely heard of this name. They empower the SEO’s by providing fresh and the latest best practices in the industry. Any new updates will first come up in their twitter page and also they keep sharing their most useful posts. This is one of the must-follow twitter accounts for digital marketing, especially as an SEO professional.

Followers: 216K

Link to follow:

5. Twitter Name: Google Webmasters

Its an official account from Google for all the webmasters out there to get new, resources and updates from Google.

Followers: 422K

Link to follow:

6. Twitter Name: John

He is Senior Webmaster trends analyst at Google. His tweets are almost with respect to SEO, consider following him.

Followers: 85K

Link to follow:

7. Twitter Name: Jeff Bullas

He is a digital entrepreneur, marketing speaker, and a digital strategist. One of the top twitter accounts to check out for digital marketers.

Followers: 563K

Link to follow:

8. Twitter Name: Search Engine Land

This is also one more twitter account similar to search engine journal. Here you will find daily breaking stories, industry trends, news and analysis on SEO, PPC, etc

Followers: 456k

Link to follow:

9. Twitter Name: Barry Schwartz

He is a search geek and a blogger who talks about search engines. He is the founder of the search engine round table and also an editor at Search engine land. Consider checking this guy.

Followers: 137K

Link to follow:

10. Shout Me Loud

This is owned by Harsh Agarwal. You can follow this twitter account to become an expert in blogging, SEO, WordPress and to grow your brand

Followers: 41K

Link to follow:

11. Twitter Name: Social Media Today

For social media marketers, you must follow this twitter account. They share best practices, insights and tips in social marketing.

Followers: 823K

Link to follow:

12. Twitter Name: SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best all in one SEO tool, hope you guys already know it. They also have a blog in their website and the most important and best blog posts are shared in their twitter account. So consider checking them. It might be helpful.

Followers: 129K

Link to follow:

13. Twitter Name: Search Engine Watch

They provide daily news, insights regarding SEO, PPC etc. 

Followers: 208K

Link to follow:

14. Twitter Name: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one tool which is used by every digital marketers out there. In this twitter account, you’ll find the latest news as well as product updates on google analytics. One of the must-follow twitter account for digital marketers.

Followers: 1.1M

Link to follow:

15. Twitter Name: Google Ads

This official twitter account from google provides info and updates with respect to google ads. As a PPC specialist you might be always be on google ads and following this account will keep you updated in everything you need to know about the latest trends.

Followers: 579K

Link to follow:

16. Twitter Name: Gianluca Fiorelli

He is a well known SEO consultant and a web strategist, who is specialised in inbound marketing and international SEO.

Followers: 43K

Link to follow:

17. Twitter Name: Aleyda Solis

She is also a renowned SEO consultant who helps around the world in increasing their organic search, traffic and conversions.

Followers: 79K

Link to follow:

18. Twitter Name: AJ Ghergich

He is a SEO & Content Marketing Expert who share articles, guides and studies around SEO & marketing.

Followers: 99K

Link to follow:

Final Thoughts

These 18 lists of digital marketing twitter accounts post only related to digital marketing stuff and you can see very least updates about their personal life.

There are other digital marketing twitter accounts as well but their posts are not so relevant to the field, so I have picked some of the best and highly engaged twitter accounts to follow as a digital marketer.

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