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Top 20 Quora Spaces To Follow For Digital Marketers, Bloggers & Youtubers In 2021

What Is A Quora Space?

Quora space is a great feature introduced by the Quora platform where users with similar interests can get together and mingle with each other. 

This feature was introduced by Quora in November 2018. The main purpose of this space is to find the exact content that interests you. It is similar to a youtube channel wherein you subscribe to the channels that you love similarly in Quora you can check spaces and follow the ones you love.

So to keep yourself updated with the trends in the industry, to ask questions related to your industry, and to solve other people’s problems and to provide them with a solution, people follow the Quora spaces. That’s the benefit of following spaces on Quora.

After good research I have come up with 20 such Quora spaces that you might want to follow especially if you are working as a digital marketer, own a blogging platform or if you have any YouTube channel.

Quora Spaces For Digital Marketers, YouTubers And Bloggers

So let’s look at this Quora spaces one by one in detail

  1. Space Name: Digital Marketing

This space has around 203K followers and it covers every aspect of digital marketing. Many informative posts are shared every day.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Digital Marketing Hub

This is one more similar space for digital marketers. It also covers all factors of digital marketing related stuff having around 40K followers.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: This Is Digital Marketing

This space is quite great. It is very relevant, here you can share digital marketing related videos if it’s useful, you can share related memes too. There are some do’s and dont’s of this space. You can consider checking this space with the below link.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: SEO

This space has around 141k followers and it is mainly related to search engine optimization. Any queries or answers you are struggling to find related to SEO, may it be off page, on page, technical aspects can be found here. If you are working as a SEO professional then consider following this space. It is quite helpful

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: SEO Solutions By Experts

With around 10K followers this space is related to SEO only. The posts are quite less on a daily basis but it’s relevant to the subject.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: YouTube Monetization Tips

This space is great. It is highly recommended for youtubers to follow this space. If you are just starting out with a youtube channel and struggling to improve your channel to get views and to monetize then here are some great experts who might help you with that. 

You will feel motivated to work hard on your youtube channel to grow it. They have strict policies while posting anything on this space. Make sure you read them or else you will be banned permanently.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Grow Youtube Channel

This space is similar to the one I mentioned above. This space has around 20K followers. You’ll find monetisation tips, tricks and ways to grow your youtube channel

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: YouTube Marketing

I’m not quite satisfied with this space. Even though it has around 172K followers and says this space is totally related to youtube but there are irrelevant posts shared in this space. You can check this space if you like you can follow.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Blogging Help

This space is dedicated to bloggers with a following of around 33K. Any help regarding blogging you can find it in here.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Freelancing Mindset

This is only related to freelancing and for freelancers. It has a good 65K followers where you’ll find freelancing tips, how to get started, what to do if you just started out in freelancing, how to get your first freelancing project etc.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Affiliate Marketing

This space as it says it is related to affiliate marketing but there are some other topics shared in this space as well. Consider checking if you are an affiliate marketer. It has 24K followers.

Link to follow the space:

  1. Space Name: Social Media & Marketing

If you are a social media marketer then this space will help in improving your skills. As a social media marketer one must act very creatively in social media platforms. This space shares posts related to social media, interesting tweets and facebook posts, some great marketing examples etc. It has around 10K followers.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Social Media Elite

This space is not only for digital marketers but also for normal users of social media platforms. Anything related to social media issues, whether it is related to your account or anything can be shared in here and you might get answers from experts. They have 58k followers.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Learn Google Ads

This space is dedicated to Google ads. They share posts related to search ads, display ads, video ads, bidding strategies, case studies and many more. Beginners will have a lot of benefits following this space. The space contains 3k followers.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Email Marketing

This space has just around 800 followers but I must say its very active and highly relevant to the topic. People interested in email marketing or Email marketers can follow this space.

Link to follow this space:

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  1. Space Name: WordPress

Most of the websites around the world are built with wordpress. This space shares information on both and regarding wordpress themes, wordpress tutorials, tutorials and many more related stuff. It has a following of around 8K.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: WordPress Resources

This is also one more good space for keeping updated with wordpress related stuff. Posts are very relevant and not so promotional. You can check out, they are having 6K followers.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Marketing & Content

This space includes topics related to marketing, content marketing, growth hacks, lead generation, copywriting, marketing advice. It has a good 183K followers. I recommend you to follow it.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Marketing & Advertising

Here you will find info on marketing, sales and advertising. Not quite related to

 digital marketing field but consider checking, they have a good following of 30K.

Link to follow this space:

  1. Space Name: Advertisements And Brands

This space is really great. It talks about advertisements, marketing campaigns, and brands all around the world. You will find some creative advertisements and campaigns which makes it worth following this space. It has around 28K followers.

Link to follow this space:

In Conclusion

Well, these are some of the best spaces I have suggested to follow. There are many other spaces as well which are not so active or they are spamming the space with irrelevant and full of promotional stuff. If you are working in the field of digital marketing, blogging, or own a YouTube channel, then do consider following these spaces which will help you to inspire and skyrocket your business.

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