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What Is Skyscraper Technique In SEO?

Beating your competitors in your industry will what make your business stand apart. Every business wants to rank on the first page of the search engine results page and to be on the first page you must apply some strategies that will stand out from your competitors!

So in this blog post, we shall discuss that one technique that can greatly help you to rank higher than your competition. And that technique is known as the skyscraper technique.

Brain Dean! (The founder of backlinko) I hope you guys already know him. The skyscraper technique is invented or you can say first used by Mr. Brian Dean in 2015 and he had a huge success rate. He had revealed with proof that he had an 11% success rate, as well as his organic traffic, doubled in just 14 days by using this skyscraper technique.

What Exactly Is Skyscraper Technique?

Skyscraper technique is a SEO link building strategy where in you improve the already established popular content and replicate the backlinks.

Steps In The Skyscraper Technique

There are major steps that you must strictly follow while implementing the skyscraper technique.

Find popular content which has high backlinks

While finding popular content you must make sure you are finding popular content related to your niche. For example, if you have any online tutoring business you must find content or blog articles related to online tutoring business. 

And also you must find content that has high backlinks. For that, you can use tools like Semrush where you just need to put the URL of the article and it will show you all the backlinks for that article.

Make Better & Incredible Content

Now with the help of the reference article, you must write even better content than the already established article. The SEO master Brian Dean recommends you must follow the following steps while creating an even better content.

For making an incredible content you must strictly follow these 4 steps:

  1. Length

For example if someone has posted 10 tools used in online tutoring then you make a better content by giving 15 tools used in online tutoring. But make sure your content is valuable enough.

  1. Freshness

There will be many blog posts that will be outdated. For example, if there is a post regarding stats of online tutoring business which was published in 2018 then you provide fresh stats according to 2020. Provide new images or infographics to make it even better

  1. Design 

Design will also change or fade with time. So make sure you have a better visual design to attract more people.

  1. Depth

Depth relates to how valuable your content to your users whether you are providing any stories or any interview with a well-known person in your industry etc

Time for promotion!

Everything is set. You researched a lot and created an awesome content but now what? How will you attract or drive traffic to your article? How will you get more backlinks to your newly published article?

So as you already have the backlinks of the popular article that you just improved and made it better. Check out the backlinks of that post and reach out to those people and tell them there is better content for that specific topic and ask them to link to your post. Also, promote everywhere on social media platforms and inform them about your newly published article.

In Conclusion

This technique may be first introduced in 2015 but it works great even in 2020 and hopefully beyond that. (But then you never know when Google will make changes in their algorithm :D)

You must work really hard in structuring your content or else this skyscraper technique possibly won’t work! And it is not necessary that the skyscraper technique will work each time as it depends on many factors such as your website’s DA, how well your website is established, backlinks to your post, etc

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