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How To Make Money From Podcasting In 2022

Holy moly! Podcasting is more popular than ever before. Internet is a huge market searching for content in all kinds of niches. The reason for podcast popularity is because it can be consumed very easily. 

People can listen to podcasts anytime even when they are exercising, driving, cleaning, working or any other task that you are upto! People love listening to podcasts to get inspired, to get educated or just to kick start their day!

In this blog post let’s have a deep look into podcasts and podcasting. You’ll learn regarding what is podcasting, the importance of podcasting, which are the different platforms in podcasting, how we can earn from podcasting, what is the future of podcasting, and many more. 

Let us understand this concept in a very simplest way possible.

There is nothing big in understanding the concept of podcasting. Podcasting is also a type of content that is available on the internet. 

So basically as we all know there are mainly three types of content that are available on the internet which are popular. They are Text/images (you can say as blogging), video content (YouTube videos) and then there is audio content.

You can relate audio to the radio (which is barely used by anyone these days). So in simple language audio content is known as podcasting.

Platforms Used For Podcasting

There are various platforms where you can start podcasting or upload your podcasts. I have listed a few of them:

This is quite a trending field in the digital marketing industry and the users who listen to podcasts aren’t that high but its gaining popularity day by day. 

Many popular podcasters and influencers have started promoting podcasting which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. You can find podcasts in almost every niche. 

For example, you can find podcasts in digital marketing, motivational stories, technical stuff, etc. The contents which could be expressed & understood in terms of voice can be found in this field. 

Reason Behind The Popularity Of Podcasting.

Podcasts are something that can be consumed without wasting any of your precious time. If the content is highly valuable then people would want to listen to it without wasting any of their time.

Let us consider an example: Daily you are walking 2kms  to reach the office but at the same time you want to learn something which adds value to your life or just want to listen to something funny while you walk as you don’t want to get bored. So basically you are multitasking. 

But as compared with the video content you cannot walk and watch a video or can you? (You might probably hit a wall or fall into a pothole :D). This is the restriction in video content, you have to keep your eyes focussed on the video. 

This is one of the advantages of podcasts as you can listen to it along with whatever you’re up to. This is one of the main reasons for the gaining popularity of podcasts.

Now the question is how can you earn from podcasting. Keep reading!

How To Make Money From Podcasting

At the end of the day, all we want is how we can monetize our podcasts and start earning money from it.

earn from podcasting in 2021

How much do podcasters make? Can podcasting become the source for your income if you are continuously providing valuable content? The answer is Yes! Definitely you can! 

Earning completely depends on the niche you have chosen and how many subscribers or followers you have. Okay now let’s have a look into what are the ways where you can make money from podcasting. 

Sponsorship Deals

If you had listened to any podcasts before you might have heard something else in the beginning before the actual podcast begins or at the end of the podcast. So advertisers can add sponsored ads in your audio and you can earn from them. 

You’ll get paid based on the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model. The current CPM charges in the industry are:

  • $15 for a 10-second ad
  • $18 for a 30-second ad
  • $25 for a 60-second ad

Affiliate Marketing 

For earning from this, you must need a loyal customer base. Your customers must trust in everything you say in your podcast.

You can sell other platforms’ products to your subscribers or followers by which you can earn the commission for selling the products. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money from podcasting.

Sell Your Own Products Or Services

This is also something very similar to affiliate marketing but here you are selling your own products. 

In this case, as well you must consider working your ass off in building your users’ trust, loyalty, and establishing credibility by which you can easily convert your prospects into buying customers. 

Traffic To Your Blog

You can drive your podcast viewers to your blogging site and drive more traffic which can help you in generating income from Google Adsense or through affiliate marketing from your blog or if you are selling any online courses from your blog.

Guest Interviews

This isn’t going to be an easy method to make money from podcasting compared to other methods. You can charge money for people coming to your podcasts as guests. For this to work you must need a big follower base and must be quite popular in the podcasting industry.

Creating Premium Podcasts

Here you can charge your users to view your premium podcasts which do not come for free. For example, if you are interviewing with a well-known personality in your industry then you have done your hard work to welcome him to your podcasts and you don’t want to give it out for free.

Earning money from podcasts isn’t an easy way especially if you don’t have a lot of follower base and loyal listeners of your podcasts. But yes with time, hard work, and patience you can make a good amount of money from podcasting.

Benefits of Podcasting for Business

Podcasting is a new way for businesses to reach their target audience. Here are some benefits of implementing podcasts that can help you in your business.

  • Podcasting regularly will build a Personal connection with your audience because a voice can engage more with your audience and when they keep on listening to what you say it builds trust with them.
  • It’s more convenient for your audience because they can download the podcasts and listen to them whenever they want. It’s pretty easy to consume information from a podcast than reading an entire blog.
  • It’s very easy to get started with podcasting. You don’t have to spend lots of time editing or anything like that. All you need to do is just record and talk. That’s it.
  • If your podcast goes viral or if your audience really starts to enjoy it then your audience itself will share your podcasts with others. This will bring in more people to listen to your podcasts which can eventually result in getting more traffic to your website.
  • If your business or brand is already into video marketing or writing articles on a regular basis then you must get into podcasting as well which will help your business to build more brand authority and brand awareness.

How To Grow Your Podcast

There are different ways by which you can grow your podcast. I have listed a few of them:

Creating A Website

Create a specific website which is only related to your podcasts. People will be searching regarding podcasts in google as well. 

So whoever visits your website you can divert them to watch your podcasts and moreover you can represent your website as a brand for your podcasts.

Reaching Out To Podcasts Community

You need to keep networking with other communities with other podcasters in your niche inorder for your podcast to grow. You’ll get a lot of growth by doing this. 

You may get your podcasts featured in different other podcasts, it may be featured in different Fb podcast groups, etc by which you can build your follower base.

Concentrate Only On One Niche

You need to focus completely on one particular subject matter and don’t mix up things and other niches in your podcasts which will confuse your followers and divert them. This works best on every platform such as Youtube or blogging as well.

Build Presence On Already Established Audience 

This trick works great. For example, if you have a good and well-established audience for your business on Instagram then you can use those audiences to divert them into your podcast to grow your following.

Grow With Facebook

Create a FB page for your podcasts and you can run paid campaigns for your target audience. Go on live with Facebook whenever you are recording a podcast, this will help you greatly to get more followers. 

If you have any upcoming podcasts then you can create a carousel on Facebook talking about your upcoming podcast, what you are going to talk about in that podcast etc.

Share your podcasts in the relevant FB groups and try to provide value to that group through your podcasts. Spamming will not work and it won’t be accepted by group admins as well!

How To Create The Intro Of Your Podcasts

There are few points you must take into action while creating an intro in podcast. Podcasts are something similar to a youtube video, for example you see people saying in their youtube videos like “Hello friends, my name is dash dash dash and welcome to my dash youtube channel”. 

Let’s take a look into couple of examples for podcast intro:

“Hey, my name is dash and you are listening to dash’s show”. This is quite simple and straight and there is not much excitement in this intro. Let’s look into another example.

“Hello everyone! Myself dash. Your lovely host! You are listening to dash’s show.” Out of these, which one do you think has a good tone and excitement in it. Of course the second one. But still considering both the scenarios one cannot understand what is the purpose of your podcast. Let’s look into that in a while.

Things To Avoid In Your Podcast Intro

  • Don’t keep the intro too long
  • Keep it short,simple and exciting. 
  • Don’t make your intro too long to make it boring for your users. Keep it within 15secs.
  • Never keep loud music

Keep your music soft during the intro because loud music will only distract the users and they might concentrate more on the music than what you are conveying in your podcast intro. Many people make this mistake in their intro so this is something you must take care.

Things To Work On Before You Start Your Podcast

Write Down The Script Of Your Podcast

Never start your podcast directly. Have a very well-crafted script and glance it several times for a perfect podcast or else your podcast might not be that great. Consider the below things in your intro script:

  • Who you are
  • What is your podcast is all about
  • What will be the benefit of the podcast

Also, keep it within 15 secs and by the above three 3 points you are also mentioning out what is the purpose of your podcast.

Record Your Voice

Once you have done with scripting and all record your voice. Make it perfect by recording again and again by taking it to the perfection level as it is very important because you shouldn’t be fumbling in your podcasts. 

You Can also consider hiring professionals for providing voice over to your podcasts but if you’re an individual brand it is recommended to use your own voice as you have a brand for yourself. But businesses or company level profiles can consider hiring professionals for voiceovers.

Deciding The Name For Your Podcast

  • Should be easy to remember
  • It must be SEO friendly. It’s better if you consider adding your niche related keyword in your podcast name.
  • The name must be very relevant to your niche and the users should understand what the podcast is all about just by looking at the name.
  • Research all the podcasters in your niche and don’t get a podcast name that is already taken, have a unique brand new name for yourself.

Steps To Take After Launching Your Podcast

You have done a great job in launching your first podcast. So now what? Keep these below things in mind.

Always Be Consistent

Never expect the result the right way. It never happens anywhere. Always be consistent and keep loving the things you do. Results will be on its way. Be consistent at least for a month in publishing podcast content and you’ll see the results and then you’ll never stop.

Improve The Content

After publishing many podcasts you’ll understand where you need to improve in your podcasts. You can’t grow overnight may it be anything. You can improve in the quality of the content, editing your podcasts, changing music background, quality of your voice etc


It may be any content audio, video or text you must and should promote it the various ways possible. Do promotions in social media, Quora, Reddit, different podcasting communities, groups or forums.

Content Ideas For Podcasts

Here are a few content ideas if you are worried about what content to consider in your podcasts.

Don’t rely only on these ideas, try to come up with your own unique brilliant ideas which might grab the attention of the users.

  • Self-improvement podcasts
  • Educational podcasts
  • Society or cultural podcasts
  • Health-related podcasts
  • Fitness or sports-related podcasts
  • Diet-related podcasts
  • Comedy podcasts
  • Technology podcasts
  • News or politics podcasts
  • Science or medical-related podcasts
  • Art related podcasts
  • Business podcasts
  • Film or beauty podcasts

Can Podcasts Be Displayed In Google Results?

Definitely yes! Your podcasts can appear in Google search results as well. So consider doing Search engine optimization for your niche-related or podcast topic-related keyword research and optimize it.

Some Tips For Doing SEO For Your Podcasts:

  • Research for the trending topics in your niche. (Consider Google Trends)
  • Include keywords in your podcasts ( Better if you say it at the beginning of the podcast)
  • Create transcriptions or texts of your podcast. ( Because google easily understands text-based contents)
  • Also include keywords in the description of your podcasts

Final Thoughts!

There is no doubt that podcasts are a trending topic and will grow exponentially in the coming years. Even Spotify is investing a lot of money in podcasting.

First blogging was trending (now also it is), then there is youtube; See the point here is wherever there is value in a content there will be a demand for it.

There are approximately 1.95M active podcasts and more than 47 million podcast episodes as of March 2021. So yes, the growth and popularity of podcasts are increasing day by day and it has a very good future and you’ll have a real chance of making business through podcasts and making money from podcasting!

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