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Best Business Instagram Accounts To Follow For Marketers In 2021

Are you running any business or you are a die-hard marketer looking for new tips, tricks, and business updates on a regular basis? Then, here I have come up with 19 highly active and best business and marketing Instagram accounts to follow who will inspire you, build you for better marketing, and to take your business to the next level. 

These business Instagram accounts I have listed out are very active and you can expect at least one post per day from them. In this list, you can check not just the personal accounts of business people but also some accounts who post regularly regarding marketing updates, trends as well as motivation so that you get inspired to work harder!

With that lets look into each business Instagram accounts one by one.

19 Best Business And Marketing Instagram Accounts

  1. Garyvee

If you are a marketer I bet there is no way that you never heard of his name. He is one genius mastermind. His name is Gary Vaynerchuk who is an American entrepreneur, best selling author, and speaker. He is hyperactive on Instagram and always does amazing interactions with people which will greatly influence you to boost your business and mindset.

Followers: 8.3M

  1. Neil Patel

If you are into the digital marketing field, Neil Patel is one of the top digital marketers to follow. He is an expert in SEO and gives you practically proven tactics that actually work. Must follow guy if you are a digital marketer!

Followers: 190K

  1. Sorav Jain

He is also one of the top digital marketing Instagram accounts you can follow. He helps people to become digital marketers and has trained more than 100K. Sorav Jain’s account is also followed by the genius Neil Patel himself.

Followers: 153K

  1. Digital Pratik

He is one guy who is super active on Instagram. He is a speaker and a hardcore social media communicator. His positive attitude towards everything makes him one of the best digital marketing Instagram accounts to follow. 

Followers: 191K

  1. Grant Cardone

Forbes has said Grant Cardone is one of the best and top social media business influencers in this world. He is the CEO of 7 Privately held companies and manages his own real estate investment firm Cardone Capital. One of the best business Instagram accounts you must surrey consider following.

Followers: 3M

  1. Dan Lok

Dan Lok is one of the best experts in marketing sales and business. He is an entrepreneur with an international best selling of authors for 12 books. Also, he is one of the best marketing Instagram accounts to follow! He posts regularly on Instagram and you can have a lot of tips from this guy.

Followers: 1.7M

  1. Peng Joon

Peng Joon is a reputed business speaker in the world who helps people from all around the globe to grow and scale their business. He talks about how to make money through the internet and build a money machine.

Followers: 1M

  1. Jason Capital

Jason capital is recognized as the best 100 entrepreneurs by the white house and he is the chairman of capital research international. He says you need to have 3 things to lead a legendary life i.e Mission, Mastery, and Marketing which makes him one of the must-follow business Instagram accounts.

Followers: 1.3M

  1. Tom Bilyeu

He is the co-founder of the brand Quest Nutrition and also co-founder and host of Impact Theory. He is quite active on Instagram, consider checking and if you like you can follow.

Followers: 1.5M

  1. Lewis Howes

He is the best selling author of the NY Times, speaker, and also an entrepreneur. You will love his podcasts too. He has around 200M downloads! 

Followers: 1.6M

  1. Jay Shetty

Hope you already know this guy. Jay Shetty is the best selling author, coach, speaker and a podcaster. He is a monk who turned into an entrepreneur and has been consistently able to motivate and make a positive impact in one’s life.

Followers: 6.6M

  1. Daymond John

He is the founder of the Shark Group and FUBU and he appears as an investor in the famous American television series Shark Tank. He is also a motivational speaker, author, and an American businessman.  

Followers: 1.1M

Till now we have seen some of the best business people to follow on Instagram. Now, let’s look into some other business Instagram accounts which will help you to motivate, inspire, and keep updated with the business trends.

  1. Entrepreneurship Facts

This page motivates you with their posts and tries to change your mindset to lead a better life.

Followers: 1.7M

  1. The Business Hacks

This page talks about educational business content, how to make money, social media marketing and helping people to succeed in their life.

Followers: 1.1M

  1.  Business Ideas

You can follow this page for business ideas and inspiration to get started. They keep talking about ways to make money and to improve your lifestyle.

Followers: 1M

  1.  Foundr Magazine

This account is really great. They always have something new which will take your mindset into a totally different level. One of the best business Instagram accounts out there to follow.

Followers: 2.5M

  1. Entrepreneur 

This is also one such account which is there for business people to help them get inspired with the world business news.

Followers: 3.6M

  1.  Mad Over marketing

This is one of the best marketing Instagram accounts to follow why because they share some amazing posts like creative ads, brain twister marketing questions and more. Consider following them!

Followers: 799K 

  1. Marketing Mentor 

This is one more marketing account who will assist you in building your brand with their inspirational and motivated posts.

Followers: 551K

Ending Thoughts

Hope you got some best business and marketing Instagram accounts to follow.  If there are any other accounts which you think provides value, do mention it in the comments so that others also get benefited from it.

As a business owner or people who are craving to become a successful entrepreneur, it is necessary to follow the industry experts who have successfully built their kingdom and leading a lifestyle that you are dreaming to have!

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