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What Are Twitter Spaces? Rivalry To Clubhouse App?

When a business does something unique there will always be someone who will do something similar to beat them and target the users to use their service. 

Well, that’s how business works, isn’t it?. In this highly competitive business world, there is competition in every business that you go after.

If you aren’t aware, Clubhouse has been trending in the market for almost a year now. Clubhouse is the first mover in this business and we can say Twitter basically followed their model. 

Clubhouse is only invitation based as of now and is available only for iOS users.

So what are these Twitter spaces which has recently been officially released by Twitter and made it available to all public users in May 2021.

What Are Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces are nothing but where you can host live audio conversations with people. As of now, you can host a Twitter space if you have more than 600 followers. In the future, they might even make it available for everyone irrespective of the number of followings you have.

how to use twitter spaces

Check the below tweet from Twitter space itself:

How to Start a Twitter Space?

Just open your twitter App on your phone and tap on the + icon and there you’ll find an option called spaces as shown in image below:

how to start a twitter space

You can name your Twitter space so that other speakers and listeners will come to know what this space is all about. You can add up to 10 speakers as of now and any number of audience can join in and listen to the audio.

When someone whom you follow starts a Twitter space you can find it right before the fleets popping up in purple color. Users can join the Twitter space and listen to the audio of the speakers who are speaking.

Listeners also have the option to request for speaking and they can also send emojis when the conversation is going on.

Speakers can tweet their space to their audience so that they’ll come to know about the Twitter space which is going on and can join in. Twitter space host will be having full control on managing their space, speakers, and listeners.

You can share feedback with twitter space about this conversation and if we face any problems during the live audio.

Also, you have the option to add caption for the audio. This will help users whose native language isn’t english to better understand the audio conversation.

how twitter space works

You can report the space if you think it’s something stupid and shouldn’t be discussed.

You have the option to invite other people to this Twitter space via direct Twitter DM, share via tweet so that your followers will be notified of this, and also copy this link and share in other social media platforms so that they can join.

how does twitter space work

You can even report any individual user and block that person.

How Twitter Will Make Money From Twitter Spaces?

As of now, Twitter isn’t generating any revenue from twitter spaces as it’s still in its early stages and they are still working on it to add many more features.

And also there must be some benefit for the people who host twitter spaces and speakers and a way to make money for them as well. 

Twitter is working on ticketed spaces where hosts can set in ticket prices to join the Twitter space. This will help hosts to make money from their twitter spaces and Twitter is going to keep a small percentage of share earned by hosts.

Clubhouse vs Twiter spaces: Which one you should go for?

So before joining any of these platforms, think about what you are upto and what are your goals.

With clubhouse its more about building your following and growing your audience. So if you are expert about any subject matter then clubhouse is the one to go for.

Clubhouse platform is basically for let’s say specialists than for generalists. With clubhouse, you can not only create rooms about a particular matter but also you can join other people’s rooms surrounding that subject. 

You can get into twitter spaces if your goal is to build a personal interaction with your followers. I would say twitter spaces are less commercial and much more general compared with clubhouse.

With twitter spaces basically anybody can join your spaces even the people who don’t follow you whereas clubhouse it’s not like that.

Clubhouse is still in the development stage and there might be more features rolling out in the coming days. So better watch out!

Better check both clubhouse and twitter spaces and which one works better for your according to your personal or business goals or what you want from your audience. 

In Conclusion

Twitter has more than 192 Million daily active users whereas clubhouse is only having 2 Million daily active users.

Will clubhouse be able to beat Twitter spaces by bringing in innovative features? Or will twitter spaces going to dominate in this particular feature? Well, time will define this.

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