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How To Detect An AI Generated Voice? Any Way To Spot The Voice?

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, and it’s now possible for AI to create voices that sound almost or totally human-like. 

In fact, you may have already heard an AI generated voice on watching any youtube video without even realizing it. 

But how can you tell if the voice you’re hearing is real or fake? Here’s a simple guide to help you spot AI generated voices.

What is an AI generated Voice?

An AI generated voice is a voice created by a machine learning model that can produce synthetic speech. The model is trained on thousands of hours of real human speech to learn the patterns and nuances of human language, intonation, and pronunciation. 

Once the model is trained, it can produce speech that sounds like it’s spoken by a real human.

Why is it Important to Detect AI generated Voices?

Sometimes you may want to know if a voice is generated by AI or a real human because it can affect how you perceive the message. 

AI generated voices can be used for a variety of purposes such as voice assistants, customer service calls, and even in political campaigns. If you’re not aware that the voice you’re hearing is generated by AI, it can be deceptive and misleading.

How to Detect an AI generated Voice?

Listen for Consistency

One of the most significant advantages of AI generated voices is that they can be incredibly consistent in their tone, pronunciation, and delivery. 

If you notice a voice that sounds robotic, monotonous, and lacking in personality or emotion, it could be an AI generated voice.

Pay Attention to Natural Mistakes

Humans make mistakes while speaking, such as stuttering, mispronouncing words, and pausing to gather their thoughts. 

On the other hand, AI generated voices are typically flawless and don’t make natural mistakes. If you hear a voice that sounds too perfect or smooth, it may be an AI generated voice.

Check the Background Noise

Another way to detect an AI generated voice is to listen for background noise. AI generated voices are typically recorded in a soundproof environment, so there’s no background noise. 

If you hear a voice that sounds crystal clear without any background noise, it could be an AI generated voice.

Analyze the Speech

If you’re still unsure if a voice is generated by AI, you can analyze the speech. AI generated voices often lack the natural inflection and emotion that come with human speech. 

They may also struggle with pronouncing certain words or phrases that are challenging to learn for the machine learning model.

Examples of AI generated Voices

Let’s take a look at some examples of AI generated voices to help you understand the difference between real and fake voices.

Real Human Voice: “Hi, my name is Sarah. How can I help you today?”

AI generated Voice: “Hello, my name is Sarah. How can I assist you?”

The AI generated voice sounds too perfect and lacks the natural flow of human speech.

Another one:

Real Human Voice: “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Can you please repeat it?”

AI generated Voice: “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you said. Can you say it again?”

The AI generated voice sounds monotonous and lacks the natural hesitation of human speech.

AI Voice Generation is Getting Better

Now with all this AI generated content and the ChatGPT buzz, AI voice is gotten way better than before and you’ll be left with the dilemma of whether it’s AI voice or human voice.

You may have already heard of this AI voice tool known as Murf AI which generates highly realistic AI voice.

Just listen to the below 2 voices that are generated with Murf AI:

How realistic that voice was? I know, not 100% human like but you feel that? It’s getting there! You may be like nah, I can make out that it’s an AI voice and that is because you are reading this article about AI voice.

How about watching a youtube video when AI voice is not in your mind? I betcha, you won’t figure it out!

Murf AI has different AI voices for different scenarios. Visit Murf AI homepage and hear some voices for yourself. And if you are a YouTuber then Murf AI can be your best buddy!

Wrapping Up!

Detecting AI generated voices may seem challenging, but with the few tips that I have mentioned above, you may able to spot the difference between a real human voice and a fake one. 

And by the way, if you are a YouTuber then read this article on how to make AI generated YouTube videos

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