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Murf AI Lifetime Deal (2023) | Is The Mouth Watering Deal On?

Everyone is talking about AI voice tools and Murf AI is the best one out there and wants to grab their lifetime deal if available. People are dying to know if they can get their hands on this deal. 

The excitement is real especially when this AI voice tool is pretty incredible. It’s like a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to bring them the latest toy.

Murf AI Lifetime Deal, Available?

But alas, the answer is a big fat NO. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Murf AI lifetime deal is not available at the moment. 

In fact, Murf AI has never announced a lifetime deal to date. And moreover, Murf AI product is not listed on any of the top lifetime deal marketplace websites such as Appsumo or PitchGround.

Most of the time lifetime deals will be only shown on these marketplace websites. If Murf AI gets listed for a lifetime deal then I will let you know here.

But Murf AI does offer 33% off if you opt for their yearly plan. Not sure how long this will stay but at the time of writing this article, Murf AI is offering a 33% discount for all annual plans! 

And if you are not interested in their paid plan, just like most of the products these days Murf has a free plan that you try to test this AI voice tool.

I know you are a bit disappointed knowing Murf is not offering lifetime deal but let me give you some knowledge on where to actually check LTD’s and why digital product companies like Murf AI offer lifetime deals.

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Where to Check Lifetime Deal of Products?

Glad you asked because getting hands on to lifetime deals can be exciting because all you have to do is pay one time and get lifetime benefit of the product!

So there are a lot of websites to check for lifetime deals on products but here I will give you the lowdown on the best ones.


Appsumo probably don’t need any introduction because everybody quite aware of this site. Appsumo is known for its killer deals on software and digital products. 

They offer lifetime deals on a wide range of products, from productivity tools to marketing software. And these deals are exclusive to AppSumo, so you won’t find them anywhere else.


StackSocial is similar to AppSumo in that it offers lifetime deals on various products. But, StackSocial’s deals are not limited to digital products. They also offer deals on physical products, such as gadgets and accessories as well.


DealMirror is relatively new, but it’s quickly gaining popularity among deal hunters. DealMirror offers lifetime deals on software and digital products, just like AppSumo and StackSocial. 


Last but not least, we have PitchGround. This marketplace website also offers lifetime deals on a wide range of products, from software to online courses. What makes PitchGround unique is its community-driven approach. 

Users can suggest products that they want to see on the website, and the team behind PitchGround works to secure lifetime deals on those products.

Why Lifetime Deals Are Not Announced On Official Product Websites?

Lifetime deals are a popular way for companies to attract new customers and increase their user base. However, companies often do not announce these deals on their official product websites for a few reasons:

Limited Time Offers

Lifetime deals are often offered for a limited time only, typically a few weeks or months. This creates a sense of urgency among potential customers and encourages them to take action. 

By not announcing these deals on their official websites, companies can avoid confusing customers who may visit the site after the deal has expired.

Exclusive Deals

Lifetime deals are often exclusive to third-party deal websites, such as AppSumo or StackSocial. By offering these deals exclusively through these websites, companies can reach a new audience of potential customers who may not have otherwise heard of their product.

Brand Image

Some companies may feel that offering lifetime deals on their official websites can devalue their brand and product. By giving out LTD on third-party websites, they can maintain their image as a premium product while still offering a discount to new customers.

Reasons Why Brands Offer Lifetime Deals!

To be honest there can be many different reasons why companies would go after offering lifetime deals for a limited period of time but I will list some prominent reasons. Here are a few:

Attracting New Customers

Lifetime deals are a great way for companies to attract new customers and increase their user base. By offering a substantial discount on their product, they can entice potential customers to buy their products.

If I love a product and if the brand offers lifetime deal then I would go for it with a blink of an eye. It’s hard to resist a good deal, especially when it’s for a product that you know and trust.

Generating Revenue

Lifetime deals can also be a way for companies to generate revenue quickly. By offering a one-time payment for a lifetime subscription, they can bring in a large amount of revenue upfront, which can be used for further product development or marketing efforts.

Building Customer Loyalty

Lifetime deals can help companies build customer loyalty. By offering a deal that is too good to pass up, they can create a sense of gratitude and loyalty among their customers. 

This can lead to positive reviews and positive word-of-mouth marketing from the customers who bought lifetime deals.

Clearing Inventory

Lifetime deals can also be a way for companies to clear out old inventory or generate interest in a product that may not be selling as well as they had hoped. I have seen many companies do this who are running low on sales and opting for lifetime deals.

Creating Buzz

Lifetime deals can generate buzz around a product or company. When a deal is eye-catching, customers are more likely to talk about it with their friends and family, leading to increased brand awareness and visibility.

Lifetime deals can be a win-win for both companies and customers. Companies can attract new customers, generate revenue, and build loyalty, while customers can get a great deal on a product they might not even heard of before!

Final Thoughts!

I know I have given a lecture about lifetime deal, hope you won’t curse me for that 🥶

So, if you’re here to find out if the Murf AI lifetime deal is available, the answer is no. If Murf AI comes up with a lifetime deal in the future then you would know or come here to check!

Till then keep waiting or try out Murf AI’s free plan.

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