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Jasper AI Is Now A Unicorn Company – Jasper AI Valuation at $1.5 Billion!

Nobody really expected an AI content platform like Jasper AI would become a unicorn company so soon. Did you expect this coming?

It is just remarkable how Jasper AI has gotten its kickstart in the past year or so!

If you are not aware of what exactly Jasper AI can do and how every online business can get the benefits out of it, then we suggest you read the below article written by us!

Who can benefit from Jasper AI

Jasper AI – A Unicorn Company

Jasper AI has been really making some waves in the industry for the last year or so, and now Jasper AI has finally become a unicorn company by raising $125M in a series A funding round.

And with this series A funding, Jasper AI is now valued at $1.5 Billion! I mean, this is really crazy because nobody really knew much about Jasper AI until the last 12 months or so.

And in such a short time frame to become a unicorn company, Jasper AI has come a long way. 

I mean, obviously, building such an amazing AI tool would have definitely taken years of hard work, trial and error, and a lot of failures along the way!

Jasper AI CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, officially tweeted on this Twitter account on Oct 18th, 2022 saying that it has raised $125M. Below is the tweet from the man himself –

How the Funding Will Help Jasper AI

When a business gets the funding, it’s only going to improve its business. With this $125M in funding, Jasper AI is definitely going to put the money into research and development. 

Because, as you might already know, AI and AI tools are still in their infancy stages and there are a lot of things that are yet to be made perfect.

Currently, Jasper AI has 60+ templates for writing different types of content, and now with this funding, you might see various other unique templates coming your way very soon!

Jasper AI is also going to put money into its brand new feature which is Jasper AI Art that has got a lot of touch-ups to do!

Jasper AI is also working on a Chrome extension so that people who use jasper AI don’t have to use the app every single time.

The Chrome extension is still in the beta stage of development, and once it gets fully rolled out, you will be able to use Jasper AI on any platform that you are currently working on!

In 2022, Jasper AI’s funding of $125M is the largest funding ever made by a startup based in Austin!

The thing that grabbed the attention of venture capitalists is the explosive growth of Jasper AI and how people are making use of it writing basically everything and loving the tool.

And moreover, Jasper AI has expanded its employee numbers to 150 compared to 6 employees when it started 18 months ago and is now planning to add 30 more by the end of this 2022 year.

So with all these things happening in the AI world, do you think AI may replace human writers? Well, not at all. In fact, the CEO of jasper AI itself has told that AI content platforms cannot replace humans.

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Final Thoughts!

Founded just in January 2021, Jasper AI has indeed come a long way to become what we know today as a unicorn startup. 

Jasper AI’s ability has not only attracted customers towards it but also a lot of investors to invest money in the company. Don’t be surprised if Jasper AI goes public in the next couple of years!

If you want to get your hands on Jasper AI to understand how it works then by signing up through the below link you will get 10,000 free words to test the tool.


Is Jasper AI a unicorn company?

Yes, Jasper AI has become a unicorn company after raising series A funding!

What is Jasper’s AI valuation?

Jasper AI is currently valued at $1.5 billion!

Who are some of the investors in Jasper AI?

Jasper AI’s investors include insight partners, HubSpot investors, Coatue, IVP, and Foundation Capital, to name a few. And then there are also angel investors such as John Bautista, Dave Cancel, Mathilde Collin, etc. 

And now that Jasper AI has become famous, you can expect even more top investors to put their noses into investing in the company!

Is Jasper AI a publicly traded company?

Hold your horses, Jasper AI is not a publicly traded company yet, but soon will be that’s what my 2 cents say!

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