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What is Jasper AI? Who Can Benefit From This AI Assistant?

My buddy recently asked me, what’s the current trend in the content marketing industry? I said Jasper AI is on the trend. For that, he said I’m very well aware of Jasper!

Man, tell you what pretty much everyone in the online business especially people who are working as content marketers or people who are in SEO are quite aware of Jasper AI.

Most of them are aware of this tool but only a few people have used it though!

If you are not aware of what Jasper AI is and what it can do for you then stay tuned till the end of this article as we discuss about Jasper AI and for whom it’s mainly going to benefit.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) based content creation platform so that you don’t have to write content on your own.

Using Jasper you can create a super-duper in a matter of time. You don’t have to research and come up with ideas as Jasper AI will do all the hard work for you and get the content you need.

Jasper AI was founded in the year 2020 by Dave Rogenmoser at Austin, Texas. Dave is the co-founder as well as the current CEO of Jasper.

Jasper AI is funded and backed by a very well-known venture capital company known as Y Combinator so they are in very good hands.

There were 2 previous names for this AI writing tool known as Jarvis AI and Conversion AI. And sometimes people call it by the name Jarvis ai by slipping their tongue because Jarvis ai was a pretty cool, to be honest!

Now that you know what Jasper AI is let’s find out who can benefit from the brilliance of Jasper!

Who Can Benefit From Jasper Ai?

Honestly, anyone can who are into online business can get benefited by using Jasper but below are a few people who can have a great benefit from the tool.

Startup Owners

Startups are everywhere and you can find a new start-up popping up every day at every corner of the road! If you are a newbie online entrepreneur and struggling to get the funds right or running out of funds then Jasper AI might be one such tool that can help your startup breathe a little air.

Even if you have good funding, Jasper can save plenty of time and money. Especially if you are the startup owner who is running a digital or any communication agency I think you might really wanna check out what Jasper AI can do for your startup.

Click on the above link to get 10K words for FREE! “Just cancel the account after 5 days without losing a single penny if you feel Jasper AI doesn’t make sense.

Individual Bloggers

I’m sure many individual bloggers are very well aware of Jasper AI as I see the discussion about Jasper AI on various blogging communities quite often.

I must say if you are a lone writer and don’t have a budget to hire expensive content writers then just once try out Jasper and see if it can really help out with your blog articles.

I have been using Jasper AI in some other blog and testing it out and it has worked very well for me. Not just worked very well but also save an enormous amount of my precious time as well.


Not just for bloggers and long-form content, Jasper AI can also help copywriters in writing small form copies in just a few clicks. 

You can fast forward your ad copywriting process with this tool that can write FB ad copies, google ad copies, personalized emails, and lots more.

Brainstorming and checking the competitor ad copies is a hectic process to come up with ideas but why not try Jasper AI when the tool can do it all for you?

People Who Don’t Have Time!

Some people just want to get things right away as they are in time constraint mode. Let’s say your boss has given you a task to complete 15 ad copies in just an hour and all you have is 1 hour and if you mess up then you know what’s going to happen.

Well, in such a tricky time constraint situation Jasper AI can come real handy for you and avoid any scoldings from your boss!

People Who Hate Writing

Well, not everyone like writing you know but everyone wants to make money by writing. What to do in such situations? Let’s say you want to write an article about a topic you know nothing about but you know what Jasper AI might be knowing that topic very well.

Give it to Jasper and see what he comes up with if you hate writing!

Jasper AI comes with 3 pricing plans if you want to check out. Starter plan starting at $29 per month, Boss mode starting at $59 per month and finally the Business plan for which you need to contact Jasper’s sales team.

The Bottom Line!

Personally, I feel Jasper is the market leader in 2022 as I don’t think can come up to the standards of Jasper. 

If you are first time hearing about this tool, then I believe I have made very clear on what is Jasper AI and who can get the benefits of Jasper AI.


What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant that helps you to craft articles and copies in a better and smarter way.

When was Jasper AI founded?

Jasper was founded in the year 2021

Where is Jasper AI based?

Jasper’s headquarters are located in Austin.

Who can benefit from Jasper AI?

From individual to business owners.

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