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What Is Keyword Golden Ratio And How Does It Work?

In this blog post you will come to know everything you need to know about the keyword golden ratio, What is keyword golden ratio, who should use it, Formula used to calculate keyword golden ratio, how it will help you, and many more related stuff. So let’s get into everything one by one.

Working Process Of Keyword Golden Ratio

Okay, before getting into the meaning or definition of keyword golden ratio first let’s check out the formula used to calculate keyword golden ratio which will make you easy to understand. As it says ratio it must be some kind of value and there must be some use of that value.

So, Keyword golden ratio = number of allintitle results / search volume

Lets understand this concept with an example.

Whenever you are doing keyword research for your business or blog post you will decide a particular keyword to rank for. For example, let’s take the keyword itself as “keyword golden ratio” which has a search volume of 140 in the US and the search results for the same is 100. You can see the following visual images for better understanding.

We have taken google keyword planner to find out the search volume.

Also, let me tell you what exactly is allintitle search results. Allintitle search results are those keywords that have been used in the meta title. This will show all the results which have the “keyword golden ratio” in their titles.

Keyword golden ratio
All in title keyword results

So in this example, our allintitle results are 100 and the keyword search volume is 140. Okay now let’s calculate our KGR value.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) = 100/140 = 0.714

So this is our KGR value for the example we have taken. But one thing you must keep in mind is that you should only calculate KGR value when the search volume for the keyword you are considering must be below 250.

How Much Must Be The Ratio?

If the ratio is <0.25 then you will have a great chance that the keyword you have selected will rank within 50 results right after the URL is indexed by the search engine. Such types of keywords are very easy to rank in search results!

If the ratio is within 0.25 – 1.00 then your website might rank or might not rank. Such types of keywords are a little hard to rank or might take some time to rank. (Remember: This method is only for the new websites)

If the ratio is >1.00 then there is very least possibility or literally impossible for your website to rank at the beginning itself. It might take a few months to rank with proper SEO optimization.

Why Keyword Volume Must Be Below 250?

Our KGR formula says that if the value is less than 0.25 then you will rank within the top 50 ASAP. To understand why below 250 let’s consider an example.

Suppose the search volume for a keyword is 10000 and if the KGR is 0.25 then you will have 2500 search results. So now you might think that if the KGR comes out as 0.25 then you can easily rank for that keyword within 50. Absolutely NO!

Let me tell you why you cannot rank in such scenarios. The problem is if you take keywords that have high search volume then definitely there will be high intitle search results. Lots of people are writing content on that particular topic so definitely there will be high competition.

So if there is more competition then this KGR formula or the KGR value won’t work! And also one more thing you must keep in mind is that all those 2500 search results are already well established in google and have good credibility.

If you have KGR value below 0.25 with a search volume of under 250 then you are competing with only approximate 63 results.

0.25 = x/250 = 62.5

So intitle results are just around 63 with less competition so you can rank your keyword easily for the new websites. I hope you have understood what exactly Keyword golden ratio is.

How To Search All In Title Results In Bulk?

It might be really frustrating and might take a lot of your time to find the KGR for every keyword manually. But as it always said, “There is a solution for every problem”. 

There is a tool known as which will give you allintitle search results and KGR values in bulk within seconds. Searching for allintitle volume and calculating KGR one by one manually will consume too much time especially when you need to find KGR values in bulk. 

But as said everything comes with a price. But anyways you can check KGR value of 10 keywords for free when you sign up. But you want to find for more keywords in bulk then you must pay a few dollars. Along with KGR, they provide other features as well such as CTR’s, SERP overview, Keyword trends, search volume, and also you can find related keywords as well.

Closing Thoughts!

So keyword golden ration is an advanced technique which might help you to rank for the particular keywords immediately. The keyword golden ratio is mainly used for newbie websites and if you want to rank your website within 48 hours then this trick might just come in handy.

Also, don’t forget to do complete SEO on-page optimization like placing keywords in the relevant areas and other optimization techniques; Without doing all those you will never rank! Hope this article has helped you. Let us know in the comments section if there is anything that is bothering you.

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