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Pickentti Shop Legit? Pickentts Scam Site Review

We’ve all been there. It’s 3 AM, the neon light of the screen is burning our eyes, and somehow we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of online shopping. 

Our brain is telling us, “Hey, you really don’t need that hot pink electric spatula,” but our heart says, “Heck, yes!” And, well, sometimes our heart wins.

Enter, the brightly lit neon sign of the internet promising all kinds of goodies. Cookware? Check! Furniture? Absolutely! Utensils? They got it! But before you rush off to grab your credit card, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Is legit? Let’s dive in.

The Pickentti Scam

So, you want the cold, hard truth? is about as legit as a three-dollar bill. In fact, calling it an ‘untrustworthy online store’ is an understatement. 

It’s more like a black hole where hard-earned money disappears and never comes back. And just like a black hole, it’s not coming back. So, let’s put the magnifying glass on Pickentts shop and see what’s really going on.

A Case of Identity Crisis

First off, any legit website should have basic information about the owner. Pickentti shop, however, is as elusive as a chameleon at a color changing contest. 

No owner information? That’s a red flag the size of a beach towel, my friends. And, just in case you were wondering, the reviews on the site are faker than a plastic palm tree. But more on that later.

The Trust Score is Lower Than Low

If we were to rate’s trust score, it would be on par with a movie villain. And not the cool, suave kind either. 

We’re talking about the low-down, dirty, no-good variety. In simpler terms, the Trust Score of the site is low. Lower than a limbo stick at a limbo contest.

Social Media Ghost Town

Social media is where businesses show off, interact, and generally try to make themselves look cooler than they are. Not so with Pickentts shop. 

No social media links, no shares, nothing. It’s like showing up to a party and finding out you’re the only guest. Super awkward and another colossal red flag.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Ever tried to visit a website and gotten that dreadful ‘page not found’ message? That’s Pickentti shop in a nutshell. The website is as elusive as a ninja in the night, and trying to load the page is an exercise in futility.  

Real Life Sob Stories ( Don’t Get Scammed!)

Need some real-world examples of people who used Pickentt? We’ve got you covered. Like a movie where the hero doesn’t win in the end, these are the tales of unfortunate souls who fell prey to the Pickentti scam.

Furniture Fiasco

One user recalls their horror story of buying furniture from Four months later, they’re still sitting on the floor eating takeout off a cardboard box. Multiple attempts to contact the elusive Pickentti shop were about as successful as trying to teach a cat to fetch.

Sewing Machine Scandal

Another user recounts their tale of woe involving a singer sewing machine model #4452. Yes, that’s right, they got stitched up, pun fully intended. They paid their hard-earned $56.20, but the sewing machine they ordered turned out to be as real as a unicorn.

Walk Away from the Light 

The only thing Pickentti shop is picking is the pockets of innocent online shoppers. It’s a scam, plain and simple. So next time you’re browsing the interwebs in the wee hours of the morning, remember: Not all that glitters is gold. And 

It’s more like fool’s gold. Save your money, save your sanity, and most importantly, save yourself from the heartbreak of an empty mailbox. Stay safe out there, shoppers!

FAQs About Picknetts

Is Picknetti shop legit?

Nope! Picketti shop isn’t a legit online website to shop with and moreover, the website doesn’t even exist now. So don’t bother looking for this site.

When was picknetti site registered?

Picknetti site was registered very recently on 2023-01-05 and this also shows why it can be a scammy site.

Whether people got scammed because of shopping with Picknetti?

Yes. many people lost their money because of purchasing items from Picknetti shopping site and we have already given fem examples above in this article.

What is the trust score of Picknetti shop?

According to the research done by Scamadvisor the trust score of Picknetti is too low and it’s just 1 out of 100.

Is it worth purchasing any items from Pickentt site?

I would highly recommend staying away from such sites even if the website gets established all over again!

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