Saturday, July 13, 2024
General is it Legit? Before Purchasing Anything From Veuem!

Look, we all adore the smell of a bargain. It’s like fresh baked cookies and a car’s new upholstery had a baby. So, when you stumble upon a new online store offering up “too good to be true” prices on car accessories, you might feel the urge to dive into your virtual cart quicker than a squirrel on espresso.

But slow down, speedy! This new kid on the block,, might be less of a shiny treasure chest and more of a rusty trap. Let’s take a closer look before you get too carried away.

Veuem To Trust or Not to Trust – a site specializing in car-related products, everything from wiper restorers to car ceiling storage nets – seems a little… sketchy, to put it lightly. And we’re not just talking about its design, which, a blind chipmunk could’ve probably done better.

Trust scores are like the approval rating of online stores. On a scale of 1 to 100, anything less than 50 should give you pause., with a staggering trust score of 1, isn’t just giving us pause, it’s making us do a full-on emergency stop!  

Let’s Peek Behind the Curtain…

Every legit e-commerce site worth its salt has service pages. Return policy, shipping details, privacy statements, etc. But, just like a discount sushi buffet, you should be wary when things smell fishy.

Our friends over at are so committed to looking legitimate that they’ve got all these pages. Great, right? Wrong. If you actually read them (we know, it’s boring), they read like a cross between a bad legal drama script and a five-year-old’s attempt at making a fairy tale. In other words, it’s all a little… fishy.

Hello? Is Anyone Home?

Imagine strolling up to a brick-and-mortar store. The lights are on, the door’s unlocked, but there’s no one inside. Spooky, right? That’s what trying to contact feels like.

Their contact page? A gaping black hole of nothingness. Not even a cheesy “We’ll get back to you within 24 hours” auto-reply. And their physical address? More absent than a cat during bath time. If we were playing hide and seek, they’d be the reigning champs.

And let’s not forget the Veuem’s missing phone number. Maybe they’re going for that whole “mysterious stranger” vibe, but it’s more likely they’re just not interested in hearing from you once they’ve got your money. Lol

Veuem’s Social(ly Awkward) Media Presence

Most companies in 2023 are so involved in social media, they’re practically married to it. But Veuem? Not so much. They’re stuck in 2005 or something. No Facebook, no Twitter, not even a kitschy Instagram filter to be seen. Their social media presence is as existent as unicorns!

Veuem’s Review Page (The Sound of Silence)

Imagine going to see a movie that nobody has reviewed. Would you trust it? Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of a movie, it’s where you’re buying your car gear from.

Veuem’s review page is so empty, you can hear your own echo. Zero reviews. Nada. Zilch. In the world of online shopping, that’s about as comforting as a cactus pillow.

The Ghost Blog

A blog page is a chance for brands to share their expertise, engage with their audience, or just post a bunch of corporate fluff. 

Veuem has taken the unconventional route of… doing none of these. Their blog page is as empty as the cookie jar after midnight. Maybe they’re just shy? I don’t know! – Yea or Nay?

So, to sum up, is a bit like that old, dusty bag of chips you find behind your couch. It looks like it could be good, and heck, you’re hungry. But deep down, you know it’s stale, and you’re probably going to regret it.

With a trust score lower than a limbo bar at a contortionist convention, dodgy policy pages, nonexistent customer service, a social media presence that makes Bigfoot seem like a celebrity, and empty review and blog pages, this is one online store that’s better off left alone.

FAQs About Veuem

Is Veuem a legit site?

Nope! is not a legitimate shopping platform

When was Veuem site registered? was registered on 2022-12-09 as per data given Whois.

What kind of products does Veuem site sell?

If you visit veuem you will see that they are selling car accessories.

What is the trust score of

Veuem has a bad trust score and as per scamadvisor website veuem has a trust score of just 1 out of 100.

Should I buy any products from veuem?

After analyzing Veuem website, I won’t recommend anyone to provide any payment details to this site and not to purchase anything from this scammy site!

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