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Why AI Can’t Destroy Content Marketing Careers (What Might Actually Happen Instead)

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to disrupt content marketing as we know it.  

Some people even think that AI will eventually put content marketers out of a job entirely. But is that really true?

While there is no denying that AI is rapidly changing the landscape of various industries, it’s still unclear if content marketing will be one of the professions impacted by AI in the near future.

For now, it seems that AI-powered content marketing is more likely to enhance and supplement the work of human marketers, rather than replace them entirely. 

Here’s a look at how AI is currently being used in content marketing, as well as some possible future applications that could help content marketers do their jobs even better.

We’ll also explore the pros and cons of AI in the content marketing world to try and answer that question once and for all.

Will AI Destroy Content Marketing Careers?

On the plus side, AI can help content marketers research and plan their content more efficiently. For example, let’s say you’re writing a blog post about the benefits of meditation. 

With AI, you can easily find data points and statistics to support your claims without spending hours scouring the internet. 

You can also use AI to quickly come up with ideas for new pieces of content based on what’s currently popular in your industry. So, if you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas, AI can definitely be a helpful tool.

On the other hand, there are some things that AI will never be able to do as satisfactorily as humans. 

For example, while AI can help you generate ideas for new content, it’s not always great at understanding the nuances of human emotions. 

This means that when it comes to creating truly moving or persuasive pieces, AI often falls short. 

Additionally, AI isn’t great at coming up with original ideas—it’s much better at taking existing ideas and tweaking them slightly. 

So, if you’re looking for truly groundbreaking content, you’re better off working with a human writer rather than an AI program. But that doesn’t mean AI tools aren’t great. Tools like Jasper AI are making a lot of noise in the industry and you must check out to see how it works!

Jasper AI offers a Free trial, so make sure you try it and understand how this AI thing works if you haven’t already!

Current Applications of AI in Content Marketing

There are already a number of ways that AI is being used to help content marketers do their jobs. Here are a few of the most popular AI-powered content marketing tools and applications currently available:

Content Creation

AI can be used to generate original content, including blog posts, eBooks, and even video scripts. While this type of AI-generated content is not yet perfect, it is getting better all the time and can be a helpful way to create content quickly and efficiently.

The best example I can give for this is people’s favorite Jasper AI which is doing a great job so far when it comes to quality content creation!

Content Curation

AI can also be used to help content marketers curate relevant and interesting content from across the web. This can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent manually searching for relevant content to share.

Content Analysis

AI can be used to analyze large amounts of data to help content marketers better understand what type of content is performing well and why. This insight can be used to improve future content marketing campaigns.

Content for Social Media 

Other than writing blog posts and ebooks, AI has its application in social media by making the lives of social media marketers a bit easier.

Not to say, social media marketers have to be creative and post engaging content that grabs the attention of users. But coming up with creative captions and stories every single day isn’t an easy task, to be honest.

But with AI in place, social media marketers can get the work done much faster with the assistance of an AI tool.

Check out this: AI content in Social Media Marketing

Future Applications of AI in Content Marketing

In addition to the ways AI is already being used in content marketing, there are also a number of potential future applications that could further help content marketers do their jobs. 

Here are a few of the most promising future applications of AI in content marketing:

Content Personalization

AI can be used to personalize content for individual readers. This could include tailoring content to a reader’s specific interests or providing recommended content based on what a reader has read in the past.

Content Optimization

AI can be used to optimize content for specific platforms or channels. This could involve using AI to automatically format content for different social media platforms or to ensure that content is being served to the right audience.

While AI is already having a major impact on content marketing, it’s still early days for this technology. 

It’s likely that we’ll see even more AI-powered content marketing tools and applications in the future, which will only help content marketers do their jobs even better.

Wrapping Up!!

So, what does all this mean for content marketing careers? Are they really in danger of being destroyed by AI? We don’t think so. 

While AI definitely has the potential to make some aspects of content marketing easier (like research, idea generation, and automatic content creation), there are still plenty of things that only humans can do well. 

As long as there is a demand for emotionally resonate and original content, there will always be a place for human writers in the world of content marketing.

Even if you are a content writer you should know how AI content works. So, try the free trial of Jasper AI and question yourself how good it is!!

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